Avatar 2 Delayed To 2021

Avatar 2 Delayed To 2021
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If you were even just a little bit keen to see where the Avatar universe is going – and the spin-off game that Ubisoft’s been making – then I have bad news, friend.

Disney released an updated schedule of movies earlier this morning, showing their general timeline for all Disney and Fox-related movies up until 2027.

Nothing’s really changed as far as this year’s concerned, but there’s been a few delays beyond that. Avatar 2 has been pushed back to 2021, which is when we’ll get a new Indiana Jones movie as well. The next Star Wars after The Rise of Skywalker are scheduled for a biannual cadence, with the next film in the franchise scheduled for 2022.

The first quarter of next year will see the live-action Mulan drop alongside a new Kingsman movie, along with The New Mutants. The New Mutants, a spin-off from the X-Men universe, features Maisie Williams and Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things). It was first due for release in 2018, but Fox decided to reshoot the film to give it more of a horror vibe. The reshoots were scheduled to kick off in September last year, but those reshoots hadn’t happened as of March.


    • It did do a lot of things no one else had done before but the actual movie was total trash

      • Yeah the problem with going all in on super hi-tech is that a couple of years later it just looks average and better results can be had for less time and money. Throw in a shitty story and some bad acting and what do you have? Avatar.

    • The only reason the first one did as well as it did at the box office was that it was a big budget feature length 3D film. The special effects were also pretty good. The story? The characters? Meh.

      The 3D fad has well and truly passed so one wonders what they are banking on with this. I saw the first movie but I’ll most likely be giving Avatar 2 and any further sequels/spinoffs a miss.

      • I wonder if they will even bother shooting in 3D this time around? Having the live action elements shot in 3D was kind of cutting edge for the time it was made, but never caught on more generally. Even big budget films like Avengers limit themselves to pop-up book style post processing of the live elements for the 3D prints of their films.

  • I really can’t see the logic in producing movies 2-6 back to back instead of staggering the releases like standard films.

  • Wow there’s lots of movies called “Untitled”, are they starting a new “Untitled” extended cinematic universe?

  • Wait, people who aren’t Fox can use the word ‘Mutant’ again? When did that happen? And for that matter when did Marvel get the rights to use X-Men again? I guess if Spider-man came home then it shouldn’t be a surprise the X-Men did too.

  • Avatar came out before internet mobs attached socio-political causes to every major release. Its going to be fascinating to see how these sequels will be received in a post hashtag activist world.

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