Bow Down To This Sonic Burger

Bow Down To This Sonic Burger

The last time I ate a blue burger, it made for some interesting consequences. Not to be deterred, a Melbourne outlet has decided to one up everyone with a bright blue Sonic burger, titled Sonic The Egg Hogg.

The burger is courtesy of Bosozoku HQ, the Japanese burger specialists in Melbourne’s South Yarra. They’ve done a range of absurd burgers before–the Jabba the Hutt creation is the stuff of nightmares–but their Blue Brioche Sonic creation is something else.

Based on a carved blue brioche bun, the Egg Hogg comes with a 62 degree egg yolk, a quarter pounder patty of Wagyu beef, strips of Canadian maple streaky bacon, beetroot mustard and relish, and some melted cheese because why the hell not.

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#BosoHQ introduces Sonic – The Egg Hogg!!!! The burger that will challenge you on a new multi-level journey of deliciousness. Player One: His mission begins with a radical, highly classified, Blue Brioche bun recipe that is ready to skilfully run, jump and overcome all obstacles to get into your mouth. Collect all the extra life points to be gained from the sesame sprinkled exterior and the secret ingredients! At every stage, his burning desire is to reach this yummy, yet complicated treasure, to unlock the "Next Level" quarter pounder of freshly ground, seasoned and seared Wagyu beef, with special bonus rounds of Canadian maple streaky bacon and melted cheese thrown in during this ambitious conquest. On this journey to the ultimate holy grail, a !!!triple!!! scoring 62 degree egg yolk, he must carefully manoeuvre through a flurry of beetroot mustard and relish, armed with as many golden onion rings as he can grab from his path – for super extra mega-points!! Thanks so much to @channel9 for the love today! #ChapelStreet #ChapelPrecinct #MelbourneFood #MelbourneBars #MelbourneEats #MelbourneFoodie #MelbourneToDo #Foodstagram #Foodie #JapaneseFusion #Burgers #ChapelStreetChampion #ChampionBurgers #melbournefoodscene #MelbourneMade

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The burger will be available for a limited time to commemorate the Chapel Champion Awards, a series of awards for businesses in the Chapel Street area. One of the categories is Champion Burger Joint. Some of the other burger entries include a burger where all the ingredients are steeped in 60mL of a neat spirit, and the burger served with a shot of whisky; a Game of Thrones-themed burg that’s served with chocolate laced red wine and made with truffles (!); a burger that costs $140; and this monstrosity:

Bow Down To This Sonic BurgerImage: Supplied

On second thoughts, I’ll take the Sonic burger. For more info on that, hit up BosozokuHQ on Instagram. As for the rest of the burger entries, you can read about those over on Chapel Street.


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