Click Frenzy’s Best Tech And Gaming Deals

Click Frenzy’s Best Tech And Gaming Deals
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It’s Click Frenzy Mayhem time once more. There’s a bunch of solid peripheral, gaming and general tech deals if you know where to look. But we’ve done that for you, so come see what’s on offer.

Computer Alliance

Computer Alliance doubled down hard on Click Frenzy last year, and they’re back with a 15% storewide discount. You just have to enter CLICK15 at checkout to get the bonus. All prices below are with the 15% discount applied, but note that if you buy multiple items the checkout code will apply to the whole basket.

Highlights include the Logitech G Pro Wireless–big discount from the $249 it’s been priced at since launch–and that Cougar PURI mechanical keyboard, which is solid value for the price. The Cooler Master gear is great for someone just getting started with a PC, too.

There’s plenty more on the Computer Alliance front page.

Center Com

Like Computer Alliance, Center Com are running a massive sale across all PC components, peripherals, CPUs … you get the idea. The full list of deals is here, but there’s some select deals below.

There’s plenty more on the Center Com landing page.


There’s always plenty of handset and plan deals from vendors. Optus and Telstra got out of the gate fairly early; you can find their offers below, as well as any extra finds over at Gizmodo.

Telstra's Click Frenzy Banger: 60GB SIM-Only Plans For $49

Optus jumped the gun yesterday with a range of 200GB plan deals. But what if you've got a phone and you just want a cracking SIM-only plan? Well, it's time for Telstra to shine then.

Read more

Optus Begins Click Frenzy With Some Cheap 200GB Phone Plans

Click Frenzy wasn't live at the time, but as per usual stores, retailers and companies are jumped the gun anyway, even if they're not a part of the actual sales. Like Optus.

Read more


Most gaming retailers aren’t officially a part of the Click Frenzy deals–but you can often find plenty of bargains around the same time. Green Man Gaming and Fanatical are both running huge deals:

Fanatical: Offering up to 97 percent off PC titles, with an extra 10 percent discount using the MAY10 checkout code.

The Best Bargains From Green Man Gaming's Birthday Sale

It's not officially part of the Click Frenzy deals, but who wants to complain about games like Life is Strange 2, Just Cause 3, and the Borderlands remaster going for a song?

Read more


Ubisoft are running their own promotion for Click Frenzy through the uPlay store, with a string of discounts across PC and console. If you’re logged into your uPlay account, you can a further 20 percent off by spending 100 uPlay points.

Prices below do not have the 20 percent discount applied, so factor that in if you’ve got the spare currency.


General Tech

We’ll keep updating this over the next 24 hours, but here’s some solid bargains across audio gear, monitors, and other hardware.

Dick Smith: The Kogan-run Dick Smith are having a storewide clearance, with a wide mix of tech from combo scanners, budget TVs, cordless vaccum cleaners, monitors, Xbox and PlayStation controllers, and more. You can see the full list here.

Get $850 Off That Monster Alienware 34-Inch G-Sync Monitor

Last year, I had the joy of mucking around with Alienware's excellent 34-inch ultrawide G-Sync monitor. If you wanted one of those at the time, you would have had to fork out $2100. Now, you only have to pay just over $1200.

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Bose's QC35 Cans Are Back On Sale

Bose's QC35s are still one of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market, so it's nice that retailers are honouring Click Frenzy by making them cheaper.

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  • Interesting sale site, if anyone wants to experience what web browsing was like in the 90s go check it out it’s uncanny.
    We have such 503s and broken style sheets the likes of which the gods have never seen.

  • You should confirm that these are actually deals before you post them.
    Even after the discount on Gameology, their prices are still only on par at best with other sources, and then you have to add shipping. Even their own eBay store is cheaper and has free shipping…
    Plus eBay has 10% off sitewide for eBay Plus users right now, which is available on a free 3-month trial.

    • I used to think this until I did the numbers.

      Forbidden Desert is $35. with postage let’s say $40. It takes about half an hour to play and plays up to 6 people (I think). Let’s say 4. $40/4=10 per person. 30min per game means that if you play it twice ever, it’s $10 per person for an hour of entertainment. That’s one and a bit beers at a bar. It’s 1/5 of going to the cinema.

      • That is one of the cheaper ones. So you are all playing on the same team towards a common goal? I don’t have any like that yet, sounds like a good starter for that type of game.

        • Yep! Forbidden Desert and Pandemic are two really good co-op games. You play together to beat the game. One way to win, many ways to lose.

          Even when you get into expensive stuff, the only time you’re not going to get incredible value is if you’re not going to use it. My wife and I own Dominion with about 5 expansions. So that’s like 6x$80. But we’ve played it way, way upwards of 50 times. A single game takes 30-40 minutes for 2-4 players. Sometimes you can knock out six games in a night.
          At this point it has functionally infinite replayability and we’ve shown it to quite a few friends who want to play with us. It’s some of the best value ever.

          • I have dominion and one expansion and it’s pretty popular with friends. I’ve played Bananagrams before too, it is an actual fun game of scrabble. I played with a bunch of people from church, started with stupid letters and ended up making the word ‘vulva’. 😐

          • vulva is a fine word for church if you’re reading Song of Solomon!

            Adding one expansion to Dominion adds so much to the replay value, it’s incredible. Each one you get after that is exponential. It’s actually amazing.

          • I have the Prosperity one, what would you recommend next? I haven’t kept up with what is out. I think I’ll take it the family’s over Christmas.

          • Holy shit this got long. TL:DR – Prosperity, Dark Ages, Seaside and Intrigue in any order are all excellent. Avoid Alchemy like a clingy ex.

            I definitely think Prosperity is one of the better ones.
            I would probably recommend Intrigue as one of the go to sets because the cards are mainly focused on interesting player interactions. It adds a lot to the game without bringing in too many new mechanical oddities. It adds cards that have two classes (like an action/victory card) but has one or two really harsh attack cards.
            The other good one I think brings a lot to the game without altering too much is Seaside. It introduces duration cards. You play them now and get the benefit next turn. It’s quite cool and the card powers are really fun.

            If you want to get weird, Dark Ages is good. It gives you new cards to use instead of starter victory cards and a lot of the play involves polluting people’s decks with ruin cards that act like non-evil versions of curses. Basically giving them junk instead of actively punishing them (fuck you, Witch and Torturer). It makes up for the junk with a lot of good trashing cards. I like Dark Ages a lot, but I think it’s generally considered upper mid-tier.

            Adventures, Empires, Cornucopia, and Guilds are all good but not as good as the ones above. Hinterlands is pretty new and i haven’t played it. So I can’t tell you what it’s like.

            The only one I’d say steer clear of is Alchemy. It brings in not just a new (complicated) mechanic, but also a new kind of currency. It’s complicated and the cards aren’t particularly fun.

          • Funkenschlag ist sehr gut. Where else can you power cities with garbage? Not a co-op game but so much fun.

        • Actually, if you’re looking for excellent value in games, you can buy a cube of dice for about $10 and then you can play Liar’s Dice anywhere with up to 6 people.
          Or there’s a game I’ve heard called Crazy Patience that’s a very fast, competitive version of solitaire with shared piles of cards. All it needs is a deck of cards that you can tell apart for each player.
          Oh and Bananagrams. It’s quite cheap and small. It plays quickly and is a lot of fun. It’s Scrabble but with no board, no scoring, and everyone plays at once. Basically all the slow boring stuff removed.

  • The bundles for PS4 aren’t that great on the Sony page – but the overall deal for the Playstation Pro is pretty good:

    $489.95 sale price, which includes Spiderman ($54 value based on current sales/trade in).
    Additional 5% discount via cash rewards, with an additional 6% cashback.

    $489.95 – 5% = $465.45
    $465.45 – 6% = $437.53 (after cash back)
    $437.53 – $54 = $383.53 (If you were going to buy spiderman anyway or trade in)

    • Same with the Sony TV’s
      Goodguys have them cheaper by default, and then have extra 10% off.

      lots of these Click Frenzy sales are major BS. New stock happens to be Unavailable, and only the last season items are IN STOCK

      Just a way for stores to have a big clearance of old stock, to people who are desperate to find a bargain leading up to Xmas.

      • Only if the site manages to stay up, apparently it had a big crash when everyone jumped on. Same as last year. And the year before that. And the one before that…..

  • Wouldn’t even bother after the last one. Mediocre discounts at best, and without some hacker-esque setup you’ve got no chance at the 99% off stuff.

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