Community Review: Days Gone

Community Review: Days Gone

Killed enough freakers? Then it’s time to share our collective experience

The response to Days Gone over the last couple of weeks has swayed back and forth, depending on what pockets of the internet you frequent. For Joshua, who did our full review, and myself, Days Gone had problems, some more significant than others, but once you ground through the worst parts, it was fine.

Certainly not bad or awful, but not at the level of Sony’s other first-party titles either. Where the issues lie depend on who you ask. I had troubles with the slow pacing of the first act. A common complaint was the blandless of the story.

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It’s worth qualifying that some of the cut scenes are delivered very well. Deacon and Sarah, particularly in the early flashbacks, have great chemistry. The two of them blend well together, but the plot’s structure dents some of the impact: we don’t really know much about Deacon, or Boozer, before the heartwarming moments roll in.

Days Gone definitely delivers on the freaker swarms, which steadily get bigger towards the end of the game. Numbers of 100 or more are fairly common past the second act, although the initial hordes are closer to 40 or 50. It’s not like you have the weaponry or spare firepower to deal with them, though.

The dynamic weather is well done, and after several patches, the performance seems pretty stable. (I didn’t have massive issues with the performance pre-launch, although the audio bugs were a tad distracting.)

But does Days Gone do enough with its story and open-world? That’s where you come in. What have your experiences been like with the game so far?


  • I think it’s an ok ‘budget’ game? Probably one of the best ‘budget’ games I’ve played. If you can pick it up cheap that is. Maybe 50 bucks? But the full blown price of 99.95 I’d say avoid. It has, despite its ‘exclusive’ nature, an unfinished, unpolished feel to it that, after games such as Red Dead 2, God of War and numerous others this generation (some exclusive, some not), that a game flying this sort of flag from Sony really should be striving to achieve.

    The gameplay is ok, the driving controls are *horrendous*, seriously, some of the worst I’ve used in a videogame in years, making your motorbike feel like a hyperactive bushpig at times, yet other times, a narcoleptic sloth .

    The combat? I actually don’t mind. The shooting is solid, the stealth is ‘functional’, and the hit locations on badguys seems to have had the most effort put into it. It suffers from FINAL FANTASY 13 syndrome though, you need to power through the first 8 – 10 hours before the ‘real’ game opens up to you, where you FINALLY get the large zombie hordes. Once you get those? It starts coming into its own.

    The sound is decent, the controls waver, the shooting good, the map itself isn’t as much a totally open world as much as it is an interconnected series of wide open funnelling areas forcing you along paths. Less Far Cry 5, more Far Cry 1.

    Overall? I’d say 6.5 to 7 out of 10. Definitely play it, keep your expectations in check and you’ll keep coming back until you’ve completed it, then you’ll never touch it again. But don’t pay premium. MAXIMUM of 50 dollars imho. Pick up a 2nd hand copy if you can? Loan from a friend maybe? The DLC is utterly useless, so you won’t miss anything.

  • so i picked it up last weekend & ended up finding myself playing it much more than I thought i would; & am looking fwd to play more.. It’s got a bit of a ”far cry” feel to it, but in a much richer (& scarier) world. 4.5/5 stars.

  • I’m enjoying it and I’ve been waiting years for it. I mean it has issues but many games do. I loved RDR2 but it has lot’s of problems. I had no performance issues before the latest updates but it’s only an enemy tracking problem and a binoculars glitch. The driving controls are a bit so so but I do enjoy pushing the bike and coasting down hills as well as slowly going around obstacles. Overall it isn’t the best and it isn’t the worst but I do think people should play it if they’re into the whole Zombie/Infected genre’s.

  • I’m only 10 hrs in but l’m liking it. I do like the environment and background story. Stealthing through a area taking down enemies ir zombies is a blast. I haven’t hit any technical issues but l only started playing after patch 1.06 and l’m only in 10 hrs.

  • I am enjoying Days Gone but I will admit, it’s not “great” but it’s not “bad” either, it’s somewhere it between. That being said, it’s certainly not up to the standards of 2018’s PS4 exclusives, such as God of War and Spider-Man.

    I’ll try and do some pro’s and con’s for the game to do a ‘nutshell’ review.

    + From a distance, the landscape environment is beautiful.
    + Character models look and move realistically, especially in cut scenes.
    + Freaker hordes are pretty insane.
    + A pretty cool, guitar-based soundtrack at times.

    – Melee combat feels incredibly clunky.
    – Ranged combat (guns) feels clumsy. No options to alter target reticle.
    – Stealth feels dodgy and under worked, can be outright abused or at times, totally useless.
    – Controls on the bike feel awkward.
    – Controls in general just feel awkward.
    – A lot of bugs.
    – To level up and acquire new skills, bike parts, weapons etc. is a long, grindy and repetitive experience.
    – Game’s frame rate chugs on normal PS4.
    – Story feels mostly bland.

    I haven’t finished the game yet, but I think I am nearing the conclusion, or at least am three quarters of the way through. Overall, I’m giving this game a 6.5 to 7 out of 10.

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