Community Review: Your Original PS4

Community Review: Your Original PS4
Image: Kotaku

It’s been almost six years since the original PS4 dropped. By most metrics, it’s been a huge success for Sony. But with the release of the PS4 Pro, and the PS5 looming on the horizon, the sun is starting to set on the base PS4. So for everyone who bought one at launch, or in that first year, how’s your base PS4 going?

I’ve had a pretty decent run with my PS4s. I bought an initial white console, and until recently when the Nvidia Shield became the default “let’s put something on before bed” streaming device, it was the console for the bedroom.

And it still works well! Games like God of War and Spider-man ran admirably on the stock PS4, although that was largely for testing purposes. When I was sick and working my way through Detroit: Become Human, I moved the PS4 Pro into the bedroom–even though the TV there was only 1080p. The smoother performance in that game, and many others I found, was necessary.

So the lifecycle of my PS4 ended up being about five years. Horizon was the last game I happily played on the stock PS4, if you’re not counting the odd bit of Crucible in Destiny or Overwatch in a different room. Crucially, the PS4 hasn’t broken down. Tegan still has her base PS4 as well, and although it’s not been plugged in for a long time, it still works just fine. So that’s not a bad run.

So for this week’s Community Review, tell us about your first PS4. Do you still have it? Did you buy a second? And do you still use it these days, or have you upgraded to the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, or something else entirely?


  • my stock OG ps4 was great. had the white one.

    i got the Pro on launch day, and within the space of a year i was on my 3rd console. 2 for broken fans, 1 for broken optical port.

    even to this day, i feel sometimes i need to tape my Pro down, for fear it will fly away. what a terrible build console, inside and out.

    i only use it for exclusives. the X is better to look at, better internals, runs games better, is a quiet as a mouse (although my first X has a fan problem too) and just a much better all round console.

  • Didn’t bother to purchase, completely unnecessary. Stock ps4 works perfectly fine. I wouldn’t even buy it if I had a 4k tv.

  • I bought mine just over 4 years ago and the first thing I did was install a 2TB drive in it which lasted until a few months ago when I added a 4TB external drive due to the main drive being full. I’ve played a lot of games on it since and use it for viewing streamed content. It sees far more usage than my Switch which generally gathers dust since most games I like come out on PS4 at cheaper prices or are more likely to go on sale.

    All in all, the original PS4 has given me a lot of mileage and forms the core of my entertainment area. I’ve contemplated upgrading several times but honestly I don’t see the point. If the PS5 has solid backwards compatibility on the digital front then I’ll probably trade up but I’m kind of also thinking I’ll just stick with PC.

  • I upgraded the stock HDD to a 2 TB drive, which did make it somewhat noisier. Couple of months later my 10 years at work rolled around and I used the gift they gave me to buy a Pro.

    OG is now in the bedroom as a streaming box and works a treat. Expect I’ll get a PS5 within 6 months of launch, and the Pro will move into the bedroom. If the backwards compatibility that’s been described in the 5 actually makes it in, that decision is a whole lot easier.

  • Won a white one from Kotaku with the Bloodborne comp. Ended up getting a pro and giving it to a mate. He then have it to his mate. In all that time and hammering it’s going strong!

  • mines still working – the only annoyance is the ‘soft button’ random disc ejecting issue that’s plagued a bunch of the original PS4s.

    • I fixed that by pulling the rubber shoe near the eject button out of the case. Warranty has expired so nothing really risked. Also played with the manual eject screw.

    • You may have a lot of dust built up on the internals. I had the same. I didn’t want to go to the effort of opening it up, so I just bought several cans of compressed air and blasted one through the ports. Made a BIG difference. It still gets loud sometimes, but much better than it was.

  • I picked mine up about 4 years ago during some crazy Dick Smith online sale. It’s been my primary gaming platform since that then, and it still seems to be running perfectly, although my controller is starting to get a little bit finicky. I didn’t have the means to upgrade to a Pro, but having not really witnessed one in comparison to what I already have, I’ve never felt like I’m missing out. Couldn’t be happier with it, really.

  • Picked up a launch model, and have yet to see a reason to upgrade to the Pro – I considered it a few times, but ultimately settled on swapping out the stock 500GB HDD for a 1TB SSD, and have no regrets. The performance problems I see on the base model are only marginally lessened on the Pro (from what I hear from friends who opted for the newer console), and my loading times are drastically reduced (I remember starting a Destiny raid and someone trying to identify who had Pros by who loaded into the instance first, and was surprised when I loaded in first with my “launch model” :P).

    These days, I’m more likely to get a non-exclusive on PC if for no other reason than stable performance, but my PS4 still gets regular use, and realistically only needs to last me another 18 months, when it’ll be replaced with its successor. That said, if cross-play becomes a de-facto standard feature of games in the future, the console upgrade may be significantly less tempting…

  • Still have the original. Still have PT installed. But goddamn does the playstation store crash constantly and run like it’s knee-deep in molasses.

  • Got mine during the launch of Arkham Knight so I’ve got a shiny Batman cover on mine. Still going strong. Had a disc eject issue cause me to send it in to Sony (just inside the warranty period thank god) but got the machine back in good time just in time for Dark Souls 3 launch so I was happy.

    • Fuck that game was great. Just replayed it on PC with all shinies enabled. Even with the mis-steps that I think they made (give me boss fights damn it!) I really love that game.

  • Still have my original model PS4, works like a charm. Pity the controller I got with it is a little past its prime. Years of fighting games have made it so anytime you use the D-Pad you’re rolling the dice as to what button it thinks you pressed.

  • The kids and I have been hammering it since day 1… it’s been moved from room to room, been hit with flying objects, covered in crayon and generally abused.

    At one point I had a disc recognition issue which was easily fixed with a Torx T8 screwdriver and a you tube video (there was a plastic roller that popped out of it’s socket… I just needed to push it back in). More recently, one of my controllers had an issue with the thumb controller. Again this was as simple as opening it up and pushing a part back in (probably got knocked out when one of the kids threw it across the room).

  • OG unit still going strong – expecting it to get me through to the launch of the PS5 – pretty impressed with that level of reliability really.

  • Just upgraded to a Pro after getting a 4K TV recently. Sold my original PS4 only a week ago. Still going well but was having trouble streaming to Twitch from it. The controllers on the other hand, not as good. Been through 3 since i bought the original console. The Xbox Controllers i had since launch are all still going strong(even my 360 ones!)

  • It’s weird, I still feel like I only just got my PS4 (original) even though its been about 3 or 4 years now. Maybe I just don’t play as many games as I used to (I still have Horizon Zero Dawn shrink wrapped on my “to do” pile). That said, I did get a Vita two years ago and its probably been my most played device since, quickly amassing a sizeable library of games. Ultimately life seems to fly by the older you get and the last 5-6 years have been a complete blur.

    Apart from the hard drive sharting itself and losing a bunch of game saves (Yakuza Zero!! D: ), which has since been replaced, its been pretty flawless.

  • My original PS4 was well used but a couple of years back started popping the disk out randomly, so I moved to digital. Then a few months later it wouldn’t stop making the disk eject sound, so I opened it up and removed the disk eject button.

    Then the start button wouldn’t work so I had to start and shutdown from the controller.

    Then a few months later, it would overheat on startup as the fan wouldn’t kick in, so I would have to hard reset it to restart and that helped for a while. Then it would just overheat and switch off and I would rarely get more than 10 minutes without it overheating.

    I took the top off it multiple times, cleaned it and checked it out. I live by the beach so all the metal was well corroded.

    So I’m on a PS4 slim as is my son. I’ll grab a PS5 on launch and the backwards compatibility is a big plus especially as I have PSVR. Plus the ability to play PS4/5 together will be great so I can continue playing with my son (doubt I’ll be buying two PS5’s at the same time!).

    PS. My PS3 is still going strong.

  • Both my Standard PS4 (the 2nd gen model with no gloss & runs cooler than the original) & Fat PS3 are still hooked up in the living room and still get used frequently.

  • Got the launch one on Day 1.

    Put a 2TB drive in it after a while.

    Bought a Pro when we got the 4K TV. Swapped the 2TB drive to the Pro, put the 1TB drive out the Pro in the launch.

    …and the launch one goes travelling with me nowadays when I go away for work, and otherwise is the “bedroom PS4” for streaming/blurays/gaming when sick or lazy. 🙂

    Might bung an SSD in one of them. Might not. Still use one of them most days.

  • It’s running fine. I’ve never bothered with a 4K TV, so never really considered getting a Pro model. With no Pro exclusive games, it didn’t seem worth it. I’ll be happy to upgrade to a PS5 though, assuming it is backward compatible.

  • Picked up at launch and gave it to a mate when I upgraded to the PS4 Pro, and it’s still going strong. Sony knows how to make stuff that lasts.

    It’s definitely time to past time for the PS5 to be released though – progress in graphical fidelity has been bound to the performance of the current generation of consoles so another big leap forward – like the leap from PS3 to PS4 – is overdue. Looking forward to what will happen when developers can count on an SSD being present as well (I replaced the drive in my PS4 Pro with an SSD but all that gets me is faster loading times which is nice but still).

  • USB ports on the front are full of dust and hard to clean. I dont like the way you have to press the PS button to get to the main screen. If I just want to see if there is a firmware update I have to charge my controller first. Pets walking past brush the buttons and the disc pops out or it turns off. Share is still very easy compared to my Xbox.

  • I love it. I upgraded to the pro when they came out. I had the cash and EB were running a pretty good trade in at the time.

    I just wish that the SSD I put inside was utilised properly. It’s slightly faster but definitely not value for money.

    I also wish the cooling system was better thought out. They know these machines are designed to be used for years, they should design them so they’re easier to clean and run more quietly.

    Over all I’m really happy with my PS4 pro. I just wish it did media as well as the PS3 does (still have my fatty and the kids use it every day for media server, netflix and some games).

    I’m looking forward to the PS5 but really feel no urge to upgrade.

    When the PS4 came out the PS3 was feeling tired. It was clear that they’d reached a limit to what could be done on it. But the visuals on the PS4 are still legit insane. It feels like it could easily do another 2/3 years.

  • Have a launch day PS4, still going strong.
    I will however, not be buying the PS5 at launch. Every single playstation has had a superseded launch model, and I have every single one.
    For once, I think I’ll wait and get the Pro version.

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