Community Review: Your Original PS4

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It's been almost six years since the original PS4 dropped. By most metrics, it's been a huge success for Sony. But with the release of the PS4 Pro, and the PS5 looming on the horizon, the sun is starting to set on the base PS4. So for everyone who bought one at launch, or in that first year, how's your base PS4 going?

I've had a pretty decent run with my PS4s. I bought an initial white console, and until recently when the Nvidia Shield became the default "let's put something on before bed" streaming device, it was the console for the bedroom.

And it still works well! Games like God of War and Spider-man ran admirably on the stock PS4, although that was largely for testing purposes. When I was sick and working my way through Detroit: Become Human, I moved the PS4 Pro into the bedroom—even though the TV there was only 1080p. The smoother performance in that game, and many others I found, was necessary.

So the lifecycle of my PS4 ended up being about five years. Horizon was the last game I happily played on the stock PS4, if you're not counting the odd bit of Crucible in Destiny or Overwatch in a different room. Crucially, the PS4 hasn't broken down. Tegan still has her base PS4 as well, and although it's not been plugged in for a long time, it still works just fine. So that's not a bad run.

So for this week's Community Review, tell us about your first PS4. Do you still have it? Did you buy a second? And do you still use it these days, or have you upgraded to the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, or something else entirely?


    I love it. I upgraded to the pro when they came out. I had the cash and EB were running a pretty good trade in at the time.

    I just wish that the SSD I put inside was utilised properly. It's slightly faster but definitely not value for money.

    I also wish the cooling system was better thought out. They know these machines are designed to be used for years, they should design them so they're easier to clean and run more quietly.

    Over all I'm really happy with my PS4 pro. I just wish it did media as well as the PS3 does (still have my fatty and the kids use it every day for media server, netflix and some games).

    I'm looking forward to the PS5 but really feel no urge to upgrade.

    When the PS4 came out the PS3 was feeling tired. It was clear that they'd reached a limit to what could be done on it. But the visuals on the PS4 are still legit insane. It feels like it could easily do another 2/3 years.

    Have a launch day PS4, still going strong.
    I will however, not be buying the PS5 at launch. Every single playstation has had a superseded launch model, and I have every single one.
    For once, I think I'll wait and get the Pro version.

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