Death Stranding Will Be Out In November

Death Stranding Will Be Out In November

Death Stranding, the bizarre next game from Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima, will hit PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019, publisher Sony said today.

In a strange new trailer that ostensibly contains gameplay but makes very little sense—as you might expect based on previous looks at Death Stranding—Sony revealed the news that Kojima’s next game will be out sooner than many people might have expected. You can watch the nine-minute bonanza right here:

What does this mean for Sony’s other remaining announced PlayStation 4 games? Well, The Last of Us 2 was planned for a 2019 release but I recently heard from a person familiar with goings-on at Sony that it’s been delayed to early 2020, likely February. And Ghost of Tsushima will follow in the next few months, with the PlayStation 5 likely launching next spring.


  • Jeez, i know its early but where are all the frothing Sony fanboys at? I was exoevting fervor people…fervor!

  • I will play this game, but I’m further of the opinion that Kojima doesn’t know how to edit a trailer. Since MGS5/Revengeance his trailers have been nonsensical.

    • I think that’s the idea. I don’t think anything Kojima has done has made much sense, but it’s been fun as hell. I’m hoping Death Stranding continues that tradition.

      • Pretty much. Try to explain the Metal Gear Solid series plot to an uninitiated friend while keeping a straight face. Still fecking amazing games.

    • Kojima is our very own eccentric artist of the gaming world, the more power he’s given the stranger (and profound) his stuff becomes.
      When I heard Sony snapped him up and gave him free reign I knew we were in for some trademark Kojima.

      • I’m not as sure anymore. I hope I’m wrong of course, but I’m starting to think he treats gaming as his own version of MySpace. Just uses actors and music that he’s infatuated with at the time. Don’t get me wrong, those tastes are the same as mine but I feel like he’s his own kind of fanboy auteur. Profound is usually doing a lot while saying little… Any Kojima game I’ve played has been more ‘let’s throw these themes at the wall and see what sticks’. Either way Day One purchase 😉

  • so weird, who knew this games had some sort of time travel in it and zombies. I think what little gameplay was shown looked good though.

      • It’s okay guys, atleast 20 games seem to put out a GOTY edition every year, so there must plenty to go around lol.

          • I think the issue with Sekiro is that a lot of people expected it to be more Souls-like than it is. it’s a great game, but it’s not another Dark Souls experience in a lot of ways and I think some people felt let down by that.

  • Wow, really did not expect this to arrive this year. That trailer was crazy – I can’t remember the last game (or at least trailer) that showed so many unique ideas and such an interesting and concise aesthetic/tone.

    Mostly, I think I’m on board with these ideas, but there was some gameplay that had me worried.. like stealth sections again invisible enemies? I really hope those sections aren’t as frustrating as they sound/looked in the trailer.

    But that facial animation, wow.

  • Dang it, the fact that it’s set on Earth is kinda a letdown (for me anyway) I was getting a real off-world/parallel universe vibe in the first couple trailers. If time travels where it’s at then I’ve set myself up to be disappointed. Damn me & my preconceived notions. Doesn’t mean I won’t play the heck of this game though.

  • I don’t want to seem like a downer over here, but sometimes I feel like Kojima likes to make things confusing for the sake of being confusing, as though that’s reason enough for people to think that his games are really clever and ‘out there’. I have mixed feelings about some of the MGS games, and the ones that I didn’t feel as strongly about were the ones where they felt overboard with how unbelievably random and far flung some of the elements were.

    I feel like consistency in his approach to game design is what’s lacking. I kind of wish that he was just a little more focused in his direction. He seems a bit like Michael Bay, but instead of explosions it’s more about how bat-shit crazy he can make stuff, as though that’s an excellent substitute for a cohesive and well thought out plot. Also, I’m not sure if it’s a translation thing, but dialogue for characters can be quite awkward sometimes, too.

    I just hope people don’t dive into giving excellent reviews if the game ends up being one big ‘WTF’, as though that is reason enough to think something is a masterpiece. I hope that the story makes sense, even if you have to suspend your disbelief. I would feel really disappointed if I got to the end credits and I was left feeling as though it was more about obfuscation and being a conduit for cool/strange imagery over intelligent science fiction.

  • I’ve never played a MGS game (besides Revengeance), but I did read an incredibly long explanation of the entire story once which was quite engrossing. Everything about Death Stranding just piques my interest and I can’t wait to play it when I finally buy a playstation some day, maybe I’ll wait until PS5 depending on the backwards compatibility.

    • One thing Kojima is really good at is creating these hyperdense stories that really hook you in. They often seem a lot more complex than they actually are, but maybe that’s part of his genius: hooking you in on fairly straightforward plots that provide the illusion of depth.

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