Detective Pikachu Leak Is Just Pikachu Dancing To '80s Music

GIF: YouTube

Let all Rick Rolls be Detective Pikachu exercise videos.

Detective Pikachu, which by all reports is well worth your money, is scheduled to hit theatres tomorrow. But a suspicious "leak" began circling social media earlier this morning, featuring what it says is the "FULL MOVIE".

Uploaded to YouTube, with a "R. Reynolds" watermark, it looks legitimate at first. The movie opens with a night sky, some Pokemon strolling down the street (you can see Charmander if you squint) and the protagonist. The sound of '80s music begins to pick up, and the movie is replaced with a letterbox view of Pikachu dancing ... for an hour and 40 minutes:

Whoever did this is a genius. Who needs Zumba when you can have a full line of furry Pikachu exercise videos?


    Now we need a 10 hour version so we can display it on our screens at work

    This video kept my 2.5yo daughter occupied for a little while. I get the feeling it will be coming up again in the near future, too. Well played WB marketing guys.

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