Epic Games Store Will Block Your Account If You Buy Too Many Games Too Quickly

There’s a big sale on right now at the Epic Games Store, a time when many users—conditioned by Steam’s frequently generous discounts on a huge range of titles—go nuts and buy a ton of stuff real quickly.

On Valve’s store that’s enough to get you a pile of shame, but on Epic’s it’ll just get your account blocked from making further purchases.

Publishers Pull Their Games From Epic's Store During Its Big Sale

Earlier today, Epic once again took a page from Steam’s book and announced a “mega sale” that includes both percentage discounts and an additional $US10 off every game priced $US14.99 or higher on the Epic Games Store.

It seemed to be smooth sailing for the sale, but then two major games suddenly vanished from the store.

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Via Game Revolution, this is the situation streamer Patrick Boivin recently found himself in:

Nick Chester from Epic PR confirmed with Game Revolution that “This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules,” and that “If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate.”

What a weird store.


    Steam in advance of their sales advises credit card and payment systems when they have a sale, so users dont get flagged for fraud algorithms for excessive purchases... seems Epic learnt that lesson the hard way or they put in their own algorithm to stop multiple V Buck purchases in stolen (or parent) credit cards conflicted here... either way poor planning in all aspects.

      Alas, the last few pays my bank has blocked my credit card if I do 2 or 3 separate purchases on Steam within a short period of time. Apparently it’s high on the banking communities fraud list.

    Oh I'm sure it has nothing to do with how much Epic stands to lose from the sale at all!

    Buy some games, get blocked, wait a couple of weeks for customer support to reply to your ticket with an auto generated reply explaining why it was blocked, open another ticket, wait another couple of weeks, get unblocked, sale over.

    Take that legitimate customers!

      i can't help it, every time the Epic store shits the bed i feel so vindicated.

    At this point games signing exclusivity deals are just a write off with me. I purchased WarZ and have Fortnite from its pre BR days, but its just a mess every time I hear anything about it.

    The problem with having robots manage people lol

    Sounds like a holdover when the store was just v-bucks. Multiple consecutive purchases of those are more likely to be fraudulent. Seems like it slipped through the cracks in the transition to a full games store. Hopefully they fix it and add a shopping cart soon.

      Oh please, they know exactly what they are doing, you can't tell me they didn't know that a sale would generate multiple purchases and possibly run up against their so called "strict fraud policies", especially when part of that promotion is to knock off $10 for every purchase of a game that's less than $15.
      Of course people will see the benefit to snapping up as many games in that price range as possible and of course it's in their interest to stem that as much as possible.

        Not ruling it out but I would think Epic need people with more than 5 games in their account to try and pull users away from steam. Or just set it as a up to $50 per customer if that was a worry.
        The fact they don't have a shopping cart makes me think Lambo might be on to something here. They have cobbled together something from a single game transaction cart and are having issues.

          I would agree but we aren't talking about difficult or even time consuming features here, they simply aren't a priority.
          When you look at the staggering amounts of money they are tossing around it boggles the mind why so many basic features being requested by the customers are being put in the too hard and we'll get there eventually baskets.

          Their focus seems to be on attracting numbers to the store without much on what actually keeps them there, they know most won't delete the launcher so they can look at customer satisfaction further down the road and a lot of their recent actions don't seem to contradict that either.

            I find it interesting that I 100% agree with your post above, and yet completely disagree with the implication in your earlier post that there's some kind of conspiracy at work here to deny people their rightful discounts. #OccamsRazor

              How dare you sir, I've never been accused of engaging in conspiracy theory in my life!

              In all seriousness though, it wouldn't even be close to the kinds of dodgy stuff that businesses come up with and get away with on a daily basis.
              They don't sit there saying directly how they can rip people off or do folks over but behind the common business speak and lingo they might as well be.

              I don't say this only as somebody with a jaded view of the world, I say it as somebody who's sat at the table and watched it happen and seen how they justify and frame it.

    Seems like in their rush to suck up to developers they forgot they still need consumers to actually buy things. Between this and making developers disappear when they opt out of the sale they may as well make the store's slogan "So exclusive, no one can use it".

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