Everything Sony Showed Off In May’s State Of Play

Everything Sony Showed Off In May’s State Of Play

Cloud gets a flower, MediEvil returns, Monster Hunter‘s getting more expansions, and there’s a new Predator game. This morning’s livestream wasn’t long, but there’s some good stuff. Here’s everything that was shown off this morning.

Final Fantasy 7 appears, doesn’t have turn-based combat

The biggest news this morning. It’s been aeons since we’ve heard much about Square’s episodic remake of FF7, so it was nice to see in action.

Character models and environments look great so far, but the biggest change is a move towards action-RPG combat like Final Fantasy 15. I’m fine with that, although I wouldn’t mind enemies and bosses being more complicated to fight than how they turned out in FF15. More info is due to be announced in June, probably at Square’s E3 conference.

Away is a survival game featuring a cute woodland critter

Coming to PS4 (but PC as well via Steam), Away features a cute sugar glider struggling to survive at the bottom of the food chain. “Inspired by nature documentaries, AWAY: The Survival Series is a 3rd-person adventure game that takes you on the Sugar Glider’s breathtaking journey into the wild,” the description says.

The MediEvil remake is looking colourful

A PlayStation classic from the late ’90s, MediEvil is launching on PS4 on October 25. No word on whether Sir Fortesque’s dad-tier jokes are getting remastered along with the graphics, but everything’s coming along nicely so far.

There’s a Predator game with asymmetrical multiplayer

It won’t be out until 2020 and the announcement trailer was completely CGI. I’m on board with the idea, but then I genuinely enjoyed Evolve until that completely fell over. Similar principle will apply here: one person will play as the Predator, while others will play as the paramilitary Fireteam.

Chances are we’ll hear more about this not at E3 (because Sony won’t be there this year) but at PlayStation Experience later on.

An isometric Minecraft-looking hack-and-slash indie

Riverbond, which had the most uplifting music of anything on the livestream, is an isometric couch co-op adventure for up to four people. Run around, hack the crap out of stuff with friends. It’ll launch later this winter.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne drops September 6

More snowy wastes to explore? Yes please. It worked wonders for Horizon: Zero Dawn and it’s looking smashing in Monster Hunter: World as well. A Master Edition of the game will be launched later this year with Iceborne and all the previous releases, if you haven’t gotten into the Capcom series yet. MH fans will also appreciate the return of Tigrex flying wyverns (you can hear their roar at the end of the trailer). Should be good stuff.

So that’s it – pretty light on the new announcements and releases. But seeing some gameplay from FF7 is a nice touch, and Iceborne is looking really solid. MediEvil I’m less jazzed about, but only because I didn’t grow up with it or the requisite nostalgia, not because of anything shown off.

Quality over quantity, then. What’d you think about what was shown off, and how do you think the Direct-style format is working out for Sony?


  • Very yawny. If you’re a MonHun fan then I guess that bit was fine. Away looked like it lacked a certain something. Predator had several red flags: asymetric, online, Ilfonic. I can’t even remember the name of the cutesy dungeon crawler but it smacked of indie blandness, like it would get super boring after a while and was a poor copy of Magicka crossed with Minecraft. FFVIIR looked exactly how I expected it to look. It won’t be coming out soon so I’m not getting excited.

    • Predator is not going to last long, assymetrical multiplayers have a short lifespan as retaining players is ver difficult. Especially without a compotent update plan.


    • I love your enthusiasm! I just don’t want to shoot my load too early, in terms of hype. I think this’ll be a long journey (hopefully not as long as The Last Guardian though).

    • Did you hear? There is a mode that allows you to replace Cloud with Lightning! That will be the only way to play imo 🙂

      • Oh hell no. With zero personality, an ongoing reminder of FF’s worst chapters and the emotional range of a Kardashian? Hard pass. When a character makes Cloud seem deep and insightful (or even Tidus from X, for fuck’s sake) that’s a big nope from me. Having said that, if she floats your boat, I hope she brings a smile to your dial.

        • FF13 series is my guilty pleasure. that said, my favourite game in the series was FF13-2, and Lightning is hardly in that at all 😛

  • Super keen on ff7. They nailed the voice acting in both languages imho. I owned medieval when I was younger and thought it was pretty average even back then.

  • Being vehemently opposed to a shift from turn based to full action RPG… FF7 doesn’t look too bad.

    Hopefully with the crossdressing segment they let him dress up in Lightning’s outfit (and keep it for the rest of the game)

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