Exclusive: Captain Marvel Becomes A Bodega Avenger In A New Series From IDW

Exclusive: Captain Marvel Becomes A Bodega Avenger In A New Series From IDW
A crop of the cover of Captain Marvel #1. (Photo: Sweeney Boo, Brittany Peer, IDW Publishing)

Now that Captain Marvel’s made her long-awaited debut on the big screen in her own solo film and helped defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, she’s one of Marvel’s most high-profile heroes taking up space in audience’s minds.

So it’s none too surprising that she’s the centrepiece of an all-new comic from writer Sam Maggs, artist Sweeney Boo, and colourist Brittany Peer.

In the all-ages Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers comes down to Earth for some much-needed downtime with her good friend Jessica Drew, but the two heroes are forced to spring into action when they learn that all of Manhattan’s bodegas are being overrun by flerkins, dimension-hopping aliens that resemble normal cats.

Normally, Captain Marvel gets along just fine with the furred, tentacle-mouthed beings, but their new attempt to oust New York’s population of bodega cats is an injustice Carol simply can’t abide by.

The full cover of Captain Marvel #1. (Image: Sweeney Boo, Brittany Peer, IDW)

The first issue of Marvel Action: Captain Marvel hits stores this August.


  • How many times does captain marvel have to fail in comics before they do an overhaul. she’s been cancelled and re-number one issued more times than any other character in 5 years in 1 year of her own. it’s insane. People aren’t buying her books. maybe something that shakes things up with her might be a good idea.

    • I’m not sure she is that unpopular, but if she is maybe it’s a merchandising thing? I remember reading years back that despite mediocre sales of her comic book Wonder Woman was very successful at selling toys and lunchboxes to young girls.

    • Get some decent writers and editors to handle her and put her in a good storyline (not a stupid tired event cash in to coincide withe mcu.. im looking at you civil war 2) and stop trying to make her a thinly veiled girl power mary sue, quit ret conning her to match said mary sue and perhaps she can finally hold her own title..

      Hell if Monica Rambeau version of Captain Marvel could sell and even She Hulk eventually getting her own time in the limelight why not Carol Danvers? Shes a goid character wasted on terrible plot and writing

      • Honestly when she’s in a group and isn’t top dog, she can be good. I just don’t like her trying to lead things. her personality is basically as you said. honestly I’ve just be trying to be diplomatic about it.

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