Fancy Logos For Games That Don't Actually Exist

For the past few days, I’ve had the pleasure of reading a copy of Raid, a magazine featuring a bunch of super talented artists and graphic designers coming up with logos and briefs for games that don’t actually exist.

Ah, If Only These Nintendo Games Were Real

It’s that time of year again! Time for indie Japanese games store Meteor to hold their annual Famicase exhibition, which asks artists from all over the world to create cartridge art for NES/Famicom games that don’t actually exist.

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A bit like Famicase, then, but just the logos, and not the entire cover/cartridge art. And this is something you can hold in your hand in the comfort of your home, not have to travel to Tokyo to check out in the flesh.

Some of the artists taking part have been featured here on Kotaku previously, like Cory Schmitz, and you can grab a copy yourself from their site here.


    Awww man I wanna play Clown Tower, that's got Japanese style castlevania RPG written all over it.

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