Game Of Thrones Just Needed More Time

Game Of Thrones Just Needed More Time

Game of Thrones has come to an end, and with it, so has Kotaku Splitscreen’s very special run of bonus recaps. BUT FIRST: The final episode.

Kirk and I discuss the events of “The Iron Throne,” the series finale of Game of Thrones. We talk about what we liked (the first 20 minutes) and what we didn’t like (that small council meeting, ugh), then we take some time to assess the entire series and talk about what it’s meant to us over the past seven years.

We talk about the fate of Westeros, and how we don’t even have enough information to figure out what might happen to what are now the Six Kingdoms, since we understand so little about Bran and his motivations. (Although we do talk about that one Bloodraven theory…)

We also talk about the show’s sendoffs to the final Stark children, and what we made of them all.

Ultimately, no matter your stance on the final two seasons of Game of Thrones, it is impossible to deny that they were weaker because they were rushed. Given proper time to let this story unfold, Daenerys could have been one of television’s greatest and most tragic villains, Arya could have been the superhero’s superhero, and Bran could have been…

Well, Bran still would have probably sucked.

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  • It did need more time, however, what we got considering there wasn’t more was thoroughly acceptable. Despite what people (you know, that vocal Twitter minority) say, Dany didn’t have a “plot twist” and was always shown as being on the path to going “Full Targaryen”.
    She proclaimed a need to mould the world to her own ideals early in the game and kept to that path. What we saw was her going dictator and stepping up to her full potential, which was COMPLETELY realised (though just stopped DEAD in it’s tracks).

    The way everything wrapped was furth satisfying, though I find it odd that there zre two Stark monarchs in two neighbouring countries that remain independent of each other. Though I guess Sansa will marry (possibly Gendry) and take on a new House name.

    I think it woulda be “neater” if Arya divulged that she was on the run because acolytes of the Many Faced God would no-doubt be hinting her down for the remainder of her life. She stole and attacked their dangerous institution and they’d no doubt want to hunt her across the globe. This would give her the kick needed to travel to the new lands (hopefully she discovers the GoT version of Australia, but doesn’t colonise…).

    • Literally every person where I work absolutely despised the final season. So I’m not sure where you get this “twitter minority” rubbish from. The final season was pure trash.

  • I was happy enough with the ending for the most part but, yeah, it felt rushed. Especially when we’ve spent more than 7 seasons following these struggles against the Night King in the North and Cersei in the south, then after all that they wrap them both up in the space of 3 episodes with 1 episode left over to wrap up the Danaerys storyline.

    It probably could have used another season or, at the very least, made the final 2 seasons a full 10 episodes like all the other seasons. The Night King was settled in episode 3 of the final season. Put those 3 episodes on the end of season 7 and you’ve got 10 episodes with the battle of Winterfell as the finale. You’ve then got all of season 8 to give the Cersei / Danaerys stories a bit of time and space to breathe.

    But yeah, overall I thought the end was pretty good. Anything that has such a passionate following for so long is always going to struggle to live up to people’s expectations for the ending, so they did well to manage “pretty good”, I reckon.

  • The largest television show in history. The most popular television show since television started. And I’m to believe that HBO truly didn’t have the money to make these two last season 10 episodes each? Particularly with two years worth of filming? And hire actual writers to give those D&D dudes a little critique?

    • HBO had the money but the show creators didn’t want to (likely with Star Wars option looming) and they hold control of the IP.

    • The run time for the six episodes of season 8 was 7h 20m. Compare that to the other 10 episode seasons, which averaged around 9h 20m. We essentially got an 8 episode run time this season.

      The plot lines they tried to tie up for the last season were ridiculous in scope and felt very rushed, but it wasn’t that much shorter than a normal season.

  • I was pretty satisfied with the ending. Night King / Cersei / Dany plots were all massively rushed and really brought it down a few notches though.

    At least Ghost finally got his well deserved good-boy pat

  • Game Of Thrones Just Needed More Better Writers.

    Fixed it for you.

    I don’t think time was the only issue, the show had been going down hill since they ran out of material from the books. The last two seasons felt more like fan fiction than planned out story telling.

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