Here’s 40 Minutes From Borderlands 3

Here’s 40 Minutes From Borderlands 3

Following a round with the press to show off Borderlands 3 in Los Angeles, a fresh batch of gameplay from Gearbox’s loot shooter has gone live this morning. Here’s how it’s shaping up.

The video below features footage from Amara, showing off her Siren powers and the story mission “Hostile Takeover”. One of the cool weapons shown early off is a shotgun that can rotate between shock and fire damage, which is always useful. You’ll also get to see the introduction to Lorelei, as well as Tyreen’s constant frustrations in trying to get Psychos to not kill everything. There’s also a boss fight at 32 minutes, featuring Gigamind.

The inventory UI looks good, resolving one of my major gripes with previous Borderlands games. The rest looks like, well, refreshed Borderlands. That’s pretty much what people have wanted for years – a newer Borderlands with more stuff, and ideally no oxygen mechanics.

Borderlands 3 hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13, with the PC version a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store until April 2020.


  • By the time it comes out there will be a million hours of Borderlands 3… after all a lot of streamers will be bribed to play it, and well for me there will be cause I will wait the extra 6 months for Steam.

  • Very underwhelming voice work,especially the twins.Can’t hear companions speak unless within 3 ft or looking at them.Maliwan Bots were pretty funny.

  • The difference between the comments on this article and the comments on the “Here’s everything we know” article is absolutely astounding.

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