Here’s The Microtransactions For Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

It wouldn’t be a free-to-play game without the opportunity to spend hundreds of dollars at Gringotts.

As you’d expect, the famous alley where Harry and co. purchased all their wizarding supplies is now a hub for humans to purchase various coins, anti-calamity kits, and consumables to boost your capacity for spell energy, potions and ingredients.

Wizards Unite revolves around spell energy, a resource that can only be acquired in-game, and gold. Gold is earned through levelling up and completing various tasks, but naturally, it’s also the one resource that you can pay $159.99 for.

Coins can effectively be spent in two ways across three tabs. Beyond a rotating selection of “featured” items, players can purchase basic potions and elixirs that help them overcome or defeat various monsters found throughout the game.

Each monster, which you encounter in a manner similar to finding wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go, has a challenge rating. Your ability to meet that challenge depends on your level, but also your ability to accurately trace spells like Diffindo and Alohomora. This is where potions and elixirs can help.

Items on the rest of the store include loot-box style crates, ranging from kits that include various potions, “dark detectors” and spell energy boosts, or boxes that just exclusively offer a range of potions. One potion, Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, offers a straight XP bonus for half an hour. Exstimulo, on the other hand, will “greatly improve” a user’s potency with spells when completing traces and during combat.

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