Here's The Star Trek: Picard Trailer

star trek picard

Arnie's back, Sarah Connor's back, and Picard's back. Not a bad way to end the week, huh?

The official trailer, which dropped earlier this morning, doesn't show a great deal of footage. But we do a glimpse of Patrick Stewart's look for the series, as well as a simple question that should drive the whole series: why did Picard leave Starfleet?

The series is officially set 18 years after Star Trek: Nemesis. But will it be connected to the recent Star Trek films, or more of a character analysis into Picard's past? Either way, I'm on board.

Picard will be on CBS All Access and Amazon Prime internationally, but we don't know when it'll make its way to Australia yet.


    I'm so very much looking forward to this. Patrick Stewart can give bring even bad writing to life.

    Was that Goldberg/Guinan narrating?

    Regardless, I wouldn't mind seeing this ..... as long as CBS doesn't Eff Up the BluRay release.


    I sincerely want this to be good. The character of Jean Luc Picard developed into one of the best male role models in fiction, I feel like that's a valuable quality at the moment.

    Did Jean Luc retire to the same planet as Thanos?
    "It was inevitable... that I would come over to borrow some sugar."
    "Make it so."

      Now I'm picturing Thanos and Jean Luc sharing a pot of Earl Grey...

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