Here’s Watch Dogs 2 For $11

Here’s Watch Dogs 2 For $11
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Since Ubisoft have at least 4 AAA projects dropping between now and next March, it’s fun to take bets on what they might be. It’d be weird if Watch Dogs wasn’t one of them, so now’s as good a time as any to brush up on the sequel.

The bog standard edition of Watch Dogs 2 is going for $30 through Ubisoft officially, but it’s available for the much cheaper price of $11.69 through Fanatical right now. The deal’s only hanging around for another 9 hours or so, but it’s a solid price for Ubisoft’s open-world hacking adventure, which turned out to be a vast improvement from the original.

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For more info on the deal, head here.


  • Ubisoft own store has the gold edition (season pass version with DLC) on special at $22.49 (85% discount).

  • Geez I wish I’d paid $11 for it.

    Seriously though, it might not have been the greatest game but that’s a good price for what it is.

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