How Do You Want Game Of Thrones To End?

How Do You Want Game Of Thrones To End?
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Around lunch time today, the battle for Westeros will finally be over. The TV show, at any rate. But before that happens, let’s do a little bit of theorycrafting. If you could plot an end for the show, what would it look like?

Let’s play around with three scenarios for this one. You don’t have to muck around with all three, but boundaries often inspires creativity, so here we go. The first scenario is where we are right now, with things left as they were at the end of last week’s episode. I won’t get into spoiler territory–use spoiler tags in the comments if you need to–but what would you do if you were writing just the final episode?

If you want grander visions than that, here’s another scenario. Reboot the entirety of season 8–but you still only have six episodes to work with. How does the battle at Winterfall pan out? What do you do with the Night King? What would your general structure be, what would you change around? And would there be any deaths you’d add, or retcon?

For those who have really strong feelings about Game of Thrones, here’s the last scenario. Rewind all the way back to season 6, when Euron gets introduced as the new villain, the Tyrells are still in play (long live Olenna) and there’s still a few fantasy elements in play: Melisandre and whatever the Lord of Light can do, Jon Snow and his … predicament, plus that madness that sent Euron a bit around the bend.

What factors would you play up a bit further? Would the Boltons take a different path in life? What does Daenerys’s arc look like if you’re plotting it out over two seasons?

So those are some guidelines to work with. I’m a big fan of playing up the mystical elements behind Euron’s time away at sea. It’s a big part of the books and something the TV series hinted at when Euron was first introduced, but I’ve also enjoyed the few times when the series has dabbled in magic and mysticism before. I don’t know how far you could push it, but for my money someone who gets shitfaced and stabs blokes over poker would probably sacrifice part of his crew to bring, say, the Kraken out to battle Drogon. That’d have been a cool CGI fight.

Anyway, if you were writing the end for Game of Thrones, what would it look like?


  • Theory:
    Arya makes a failed assassination attempt on Dany and is captured. Dany offers Jon a chance to redeem himself and to execute Arya which he refuses. Arya is killed.
    Tyrion becomes the Queen-Slayer and Jon begrudgingly rules over all…
    A new petition is formed for the show creators to take the black and never return to TV or Film media again.

        • I respect the opinions of those who weren’t happy but I feel they knocked the last episode out of the park. I obviously can’t discuss because spoilers but the dramatic tension was fantastic.

          • Yep. A little more time spent with White Walkers and their lore would have been awesome. A few hiccups (Euron and his dragon death ray) but I’m pretty good at suspending my disbelief to enjoy the story.
            I will say one thing. How did we get a happier GoT finale than the Australian Election?

  • It will end with the survivors sitting in a restaurant. A new character will enter with the bell on the door ringing. Then Snow will turn to the door as it rings and he will smile and all will go black.

  • A someone who hasn’t seen any episodes and basically knows nothing about the show my ending would be thus:

    Daenerys stands before the throne of swords and begins an earth-rending ullulation. Spires of magma shoot out around her and the throne melts, revealing a single dragon egg with a metallic shell. It hatches and the earth opens and swallows the newborn child. Moments later the grounds erupts as a fully formed dragon of flesh, metal and living magma bursts through it and then lowers itself to the ground in front of Daenerys.

    The Mother of Dragons then walks along its ridged back and stands firmly in the centre before raising her hand to the skies. Lightning arcs to her hand and forms into the most rockin’ electric guitar ever. As the first chords play the dragon takes to the sky and the two fly over the entire world of GOT, rockin’ out. Where they fly, the corpses of those who died rise and head bang with bony skulls as Daenerys brings all to a close with the Song of Ending.

    The rest is silence.

  • I think Arya tries to kill Danerys and is killed in the process. This triggers a universal rebellion across the Seven Kingdoms, which is enhanced by the letters Varys sent last episode proclaiming Jon as a true Targeryan. Danerys will respond with violently, and maniacally. Jon will become Queenslayer.

    With Danerys’ death, there is an agreement that nobody will sit on the Iron Throne and the seven kingdoms break apart. A marriage of alliances is formed by Sansa and Tyrion, uniting the Lannister and Stark Houses.

    Jon retreats to the north, utterly broken by seeing everything he believed in stepped on and lives north of the wall.

  • Jon, Arya, Sansa, Dany, and Tyrion sitting around a table drinking coffee from disposable cups, laughing about how they’re all not so different after all.

  • I think Arya will die. Danerys will die. Jon will abdicate and go beyond the wall. Sansa will sit the throne, possibly forcing Jon to take the black and rebuild the nights watch.

    Lame, but I can’t see any scenario where Sansa doesn’t end up Queen. Too many unsubtle clues.

    Final scene – a white walker doing something.

  • Episode 5.
    Dany, Jon and the gang show up at Kings Landing. They destroy the Iron Fleet and take the city. Meanwhile Arya and the hound sneak in the Red Keep. Together they defeat the Mountain, but Cersei escapes with Qyburn only to be caught by Jaime just after his fight with Euron. Jaime knocks Qyburn out and tells Cersei he’s turning her over to the Queen. The last war is over and our heroes have won.
    Episode 6.
    A little time has passed. All our favourite characters are in Kings landing for the trial of Cersei. Jon has convinced Dany that a trial is the just thing to do because he’s Jon. During the trial Cersei sees Qyburn hiding in the crowd and they share a knowing look. Cersei is found guilty and sentenced to death.
    The day of the execution. Everyone is gathered. Tyrion is next to Bran and comments about being the last Lannister that matters since Jaime died of his wounds and Cersei is about to be executed. Bran tells him he’s not really a Lannister.
    Cut to a Bran vision of the past. Tywin is having a heated argument with the Mad King. “You will not destroy my family!” Tywin tells the Mad king. “He is my child.” the Mad King replies. Cut back to the present. Tyrion is stunned. Dany is telling Cersei her end has come. Cersei is seething. Again in the crowd she sees Qyburn. He nods to her and she smiles wickedly.
    Back to Tyrion and Bran. “You were never a Lannister.” Bran says. Cut to the past again. Tywin to the Mad King. “This will destroy both our houses. The people will not stand for it.”
    In the present Dany says to Cersei, “Do you have any last words?” Frothing at the mouth Cersei starts screaming “BURN THEM! BURN THEM ALL!” It echos across time via Bran. “Burn them. Burn them all.” the Mad King replies to Tywin.
    Qyburn drops a lit candle down a hole in the back of the chamber and all of Kings Landing goes up in a massive explosion killing everyone. Everyone except Dany and Jon. Surprise! Jon is fireproof too, but the explosion has impaled him on the throne. She sits on the throne to cradle him in her arms as he dies. She has won her throne, but lost everything to get it.
    In the Citadel a very old Samwell Tarly, Archmaester of the Citadel is reading a book. He closes the book and we see the cover. A Song of Ice and Fire. Sam and the Citadel are now the memory of the world. The end.

  • The final seasons plot awkwardly lurching all over the place is revealed to be due to Bran screwing with the time line, dragging characters around and forcing them to do his bidding. We’re given a montage filling in points where things were altered, resulting in an entirely satisfactory conclusion.

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