Indie Classic World Of Goo Gets Its First PC Update In 10 Years

World of Goo, a very good game about building silly bridges, hasn’t had an update for its original PC version “since 2008 or 2009". Then, out of nowhere, today it gets not only an update, but a cheeky remaster as well.

The update will be rolling out to every platform the game’s available on “over the course of this and next week”, and it includes everything from improved framerate (so that it runs properly on modern PCs and monitors) to 16:9 display (the original only ran at 4:3) to a HD makeover (the game’s original resolution was 800x600).

There’s nothing new being added — no levels or challenges — but hey, this is still a very cool surprise for anyone who feels like revisiting such a fantastic game. You can find full update notes here.


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