A Cookbook For All Your Breath Of The Wild Recipes

Cooking is an integral part of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so it only makes sense that someone would take those recipes and memorialise them in the beautiful form of a real-life cookbook.

The Legend's Cookbook is an 150-page book featuring 50 recipes from Breath of the Wild, with plenty of hand drawn illustrations and diagrams to outline the process. The project has already doubled its Kickstarter target, successfully reaching its goal within the first six hours.

Because Breath of the Wild is a video game, a lot of the food that comes out of it is pretty colourful. To replicate this, The Legend's Cookbook relies more on blueberry puree and other natural variants to turn things the necessary shade of blue, purple, and so on. The book also concentrates on simpler recipes, rather than Maggie Beer-level creations.

You can find out more about The Legend's Cookbook on Kickstarter here. But if the convergence of food and video games appeals to you, then there's some fun videos and stories below to help you through the day.

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Still not a fan of durian, but hot damn would I annihilate that risotto.


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