Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Uses Final Fantasy Music

Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Uses Final Fantasy Music

Last night, European designer fashion brand Louis Vuitton took to the Kennedy Airport to show off its 2020 cruise collection, its latest line of fancy new clothes and accessories. The stylish show was packed with celebs, and…music from Final Fantasy 8?

The fashion show began with models slowly coming down the terminal staircases to a recording of a woman delivering a weather report. The voice recording eventually faded out, and the sound of a choir came on. Then the words “Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec,” the made-up Latin phrases that start Nobuo Uematsu’s “Liberi Fatali” theme from Final Fantasy 8.

Instantly recognisable to long time fans of the series, “Liberi Fatali” is how Final Fantasy 8 opens. The music plays over a full motion video depicting major scenes from the game before showing a fight between two guys with guns shaped like swords. Yesterday, it was repurposed to promote elaborate handbags and studded leather tops. Seeing it in this context felt like undergoing a real-life time compression.

I guess I shouldn’t be completely shocked. After all, Final Fantasy 8 was far and away the most stylish game in the series.


  • The same song got used for a synchronized swimming routine during the Athens Olympics. It’s a pretty adaptable epic sounding Latin choir kind of song.
    It’s always been one of my favorites from all of Final Fantasy.

    • Yeah I agree, it is a very cool song and a great intro into one of the stronger games in the series.
      Very operatic and overall a very epic piece of music.

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