Man Arrested After Sending Idol Death Threat By Fax

Gif: BSN

Today, a 24-year-old man named Kazuki Domoto was arrested for sending a fax threatening to kill pop idol Yuka Ogino. Domoto has confessed, there was “no mistake” that he sent the fax.

Ogino is a member of the Niigata-based NGT48. BSN reports that a fax was sent to the group’s Niigata office from a convenience store in Kyoto. “I will kill Yuka Ogino” was written repeatedly on the fax. 

According to Mainichi News, police were able to track the convenience store via the fax’s number and spotted Domoto in the security camera footage. 


    He was found because he was the only person without a business who owns a fax machine.

      You would be amazed at how much Japan fucking loves fax machines.
      You can go to an electronics store and find a massive row of fax machines right next to the new iPhone display.

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