McDonald's Japan Fined For Its Fake Roast Beef Burgers

Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency has fined McDonald’s after breaking the law and misrepresenting the Tokyo Roast Beef Burger sold in summer 2017. According to NicoNico, the fine is 21.7 million yen ($286,570) and must be paid by December 25 of this year.

The original “Tokyo Roast Beef Burger” ads featured what looked like real slices of roast beef.

However, the sandwiches used “processed and reformed meat.” McDonald’s admitted to this, saying this meat was used to increase production.

As previously reported, Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency said that McDonald’s broke the law, misrepresenting its products and misleading customers.

And now McDonald’s has the fine to prove it!


    I love how in Japanese rulings, the convicted party has to give a public explanation of their behaviour.

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