Missing Game Dead Island 2 Is Still In Development, Publisher Says

Missing Game Dead Island 2 Is Still In Development, Publisher Says

In the zombie apocalypse, no corpse is ever truly lifeless, and the same is apparently true of zombie video games. Dead Island 2, the long-missing sequel to Polish studio Techland’s 2011 zombie survival game, has seemingly stumbled back to its decayed, undead feet.

In a THQ Nordic interim report first spotted by PC Gamer, Dead Island 2 is “still being worked on,” according to THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors.

“Stay tuned,” Wingefors said before moving on to the remainder of Nordic’s release calendar, which includes unannounced games from Saints Row developers Volition and Metro Exodus developers 4A Games.

Dead Island 2’s development was rocky from the start.

First announced at Sony’s 2014 E3 press conference, the sequel was moved from original developer YAGER — the folks behind the excellent Spec Ops: The Linejust one year later, with no replacement announced. In 2016, news broke that it was now in the hands of Sumo Digital, with plans for release that same year.

This was the last anyone really heard of Dead Island 2 until last winter, when Sumo Digital tweeted that the game was “still a thing”, noting that the studio wouldn’t say more about it until there were more details to share.

One year later, there still aren’t any more details, but given that THQ Nordic’s whole deal seems to be raising the dead (and making spectacular marketing mistakes), maybe that’ll change. 


    • So did the devs I suspect, seeing as they’ve released a bunch of other games since announcing they were doing this.

      • Techland moved on because they don’t own the Dead Island IP. They’ve said that Dying Light started as a Dead Island sequel, but became its own thing after some disagreements with the publisher (probably revenue share related).

        All the news reports about Dead Island 2 have mentioned replacement developers.

        • I meant Sumo Digital, as the article says they said in 2016 it’d be out that year but since then they’ve instead released a bunch of other games.

  • Dying light is really the spiritual successor to dead island, but more from a gameplay evolution point of view. I would expect this to feel different, if it ever comes out. Cool trailer tho!

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