Monster Hunter Cosplay Continues To Kick Arse

Monster Hunter Cosplay Continues To Kick Arse
Cosplay by <a href="">Roodaka</a> & <a href="">Romstein</a>

I had to do a triple take on this piece of Monster Hunter cosplay, first to see that it wasn’t some $US600 ($853) Japanese statue, then to see it wasn’t some ultra hi-res PC screenshot.

The Odogaron armour (with Insect glaive) is a joint effort between two cosplayers, Roodaka (who made most of it) and Romstein (who’s wearing it and helped out in construction).

Here’s a better look at it:

Cosplay by Roodaka & Romstein


  • Daaaamn, that’s sick!

    When I first got that armour I thought it would make the best cosplay outfits, was not mistaken.
    Odagaron was one of my favourite fights too, he was a pleasure to farm because although he wasn’t hard you could counter a lot of his moves in really satisfying ways like smacking him out of the air when he was enraged and wall jumping.

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