Monster Hunter Cosplay Continues To Kick Arse

Cosplay by Roodaka & Romstein

I had to do a triple take on this piece of Monster Hunter cosplay, first to see that it wasn’t some $US600 ($853) Japanese statue, then to see it wasn’t some ultra hi-res PC screenshot.

The Odogaron armour (with Insect glaive) is a joint effort between two cosplayers, Roodaka (who made most of it) and Romstein (who’s wearing it and helped out in construction).

Here’s a better look at it:

Cosplay by Roodaka & Romstein


    Daaaamn, that's sick!

    When I first got that armour I thought it would make the best cosplay outfits, was not mistaken.
    Odagaron was one of my favourite fights too, he was a pleasure to farm because although he wasn't hard you could counter a lot of his moves in really satisfying ways like smacking him out of the air when he was enraged and wall jumping.

      Yeah light bowgun absolutely wrecked him , such a good farm. I was also a fan of the armor something about the Oni warrior look, just so sick.

        Best looking set in the game, even dressed my cat up in the same gear.

        Never tried the bowguns, was always one of those "get to it eventually" things I....never got to.

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