New Weekly Events Add More Variety To Magic: The Gathering Arena

New Weekly Events Add More Variety To Magic: The Gathering Arena

If you play Magic: The Gathering Arena and you’re anything like me, you probably burn through earning your weekly allotment of new card packs and gold on the first day. Fortunately for us, Wizards is adding a new set of free weekly events, each with a specific theme and unique rewards.

Called War of the Spark Chronicles, the event goes from May 23 to June 27 with each week highlighting a different story beat from the game’s latest expansion by having players duke it out in different formats. For example, the first week’s mode is called Ravinia at War.

In it, players can utilise the Momir mechanic to pay extra mana and discard cards to send random creatures to the battlefield and simulate the all-out smackdown that kicks War of the Spark off.

Each weekly mode is free, and by winning a certain number of matches you’ll earn various prizes, ranging from extra gold to the gorgeous stained-glass alternate Planeswalker art. Unlike draft modes, you don’t have to worry about winning a certain number of games in a row either. You can just play until you’ve got all the prizes.


Here’s the breakdown of each week:

  • Ravinia at War (May 23)

    Format: Momir — Players will use pre-made 96-card Momir decks that include one of each Planeswalker from War of the Spark.

  • No Escape (May 31)

    Format: Pauper — Players can only use decks made up of commons.

  • Storm the Citadel (June 7)

    Format: Singleton — Players are limited to decks that only have one of each card in them with the exception of basic lands.

  • Commence the Endgame (June 14)

    Format: Counters — Counter cards put an extra +1/+1 counter on anything with one on it already, an extra loyalty counter on Planeswalkers, and have Amass 1.

  • Gideon’s Sacrifice (June 21)

    Format: Ravnica Block — Players can only use cards from the Ravnica block.


MTG Arena is also getting a straightforward but super-exciting new feature in its next update: the ability to choose the art for the lands in your deck. Right now lands are added to your deck automatically based on the number of each type you want.

But as any MTG fan knows, not all lands are created equal, and the illustrations on the cards go a long way toward making the experience of playing feel, well, magical. 

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