Nioh 2 Is Having A Closed Alpha Very Soon

Nioh 2 Is Having A Closed Alpha Very Soon

Nioh 2‘s having a closed alpha test from later this week! Wait, what?

The action-RPG, which any Sekiro fan should probably check out if they haven’t played, was first announced at E3 last year. And as it turns out, you (might) get a chance to check it out for yourself real soon, with Team Ninja announcing that a closed alpha is kicking off from May 24 internationally:

The exact dates of the beta, which runs until June 2, are part of an announcement video on the PlayStation Europe YouTube channel. There’s some short segments of gameplay as well, and what looks like some neat boss encounters.

That medusa looks all kinds of fucked, honestly. There’s no word on how you can get into the closed alpha, so it’s likely that Team Ninja is just picking a very select group of Nioh fans. Nonetheless, footage of the closed alpha will probably end up on the internet from tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.


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