Oh Look, A 1TB NVMe Drive For Bugger All

Oh Look, A 1TB NVMe Drive For Bugger All

NVMe drives are blisteringly fast. And, as it turns out, they’re also getting super affordable.

It’s not related to any of the Click Frenzy shenanigans, but Amazon Australia are selling the 1TB model of Crucial’s P1 NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD (that’s a moutful) for $175 plus another $8.59 for delivery. That’s a massive saving compared to the biggest retailers, which are charging $249 or even $289 before shipping.

Amazon has the 500GB model as well for $101, but the price works out the same as other local retailers after shipping. That said, if you’ve got two M.2 slots free and you can live with 1TB and 500GB NVMe drives, you’d only pay once for postage.

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Anyway, it’s a stonking good deal for a 1TB NVMe drive given many other brands are selling their 1TB models for over $300. There’s also a bunch of Crucial SSDs and RAM for sale too, but the 1TB NVMe drive is the real steal. Check out more here.

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