Oh No, Here's The Next Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer

What did we do to deserve this.

The latest Sonic the Hedgehog trailer has dropped, featuring Jim Carrey's horrifying Dr. Robotnik. There are few words in the English language that can aptly describe what's going on with that moustache - or why this film exists at all, really - but clenching seems the most fitting.

Similarly, what on God's green earth happened to make Sonic's legs that long.

If you can stomach two more hours of this, Sonic the Hedgehog hits local theatres on November 28.


    I giggled at Jim Carrey licking the strand of hair.

    But not at much else.

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    If nothing else, I'm kind I'm glad I was around to see the reaction when this landed on Twitter.

    This actually doesn't look *completely* terrible.

      yes. it. dose. Well, apart from Jim Carrey.

      Also, the bit at the end where he goes full of Egg Head/Dr. Rob is apparently from the AFTER SCENE IN THE MOVIE. Like, come on....

    Oh god, the stretching...

      Oh god, the Teeth!!! Pass the eye bleach please! At least Jim Carrey seems to be enjoying himself.

        He does look like the best thing going in the film right now.
        Not many can throw the kinds of energy in to films that he does and fewer can actually pull it off when they do.

    It looks so bad that it's almost becoming good. I just love Jim Carrey though.

      Jim Carrey also looks to be pulling out his old Ace Ventura form here too, which is actually good.

        I agree. Seeing Jim Carrey in this makes me want to see it.

    That awkward moment when you think you are watching a satirical movie trailer, made for a youtube channel, only to discover, yeah it's not (?)

    Looking at this alongside the trailers for Detective Pikachu highlight how bad this will likely be (assuming a lot maybe).

    Sega. What are you doing. No more coke.

    Looking forward to CinemaSins taking this one on, oof.

    Also only seems fair that Sonic gets a nightmare of a movie. Mario's had his for decades.

      They should just upload the movie in it's entirety with a sin counter for every second that passes.

    Is that speed force lightning? Is Sonic the Flash?

    Fur aside they are indistinguishable.

      After the missile scene, I was thinking Quicksilver myself. Maybe its their bastard love child. Or pet.

    I'm going to take the unpopular stance in that I didn't mind this.

    Questionable character designs aside, it looks like it could be fun.

    Of course I'm approaching this with the lowest of low expectations.

    I may not go and see it at the cinema, but I will probably watch it

      No, I didnt really cringe either. I thought it was nicely done for what I presumed was the target audience - 8 to 10 year olds. At least, I thought that right up until the kid in the bag section, then it got a little too dark for that age.

      At least, I hope its aimed at kids. After all, who else would be in to Sonic... Its not like adults would be wanting to see it after 20 yea... Oohhhhhhhh.....

    The best part was when they made a Genesis pun. At least, I hope they intentionally did. It would mean at least one person gets it... Please?

    This is exactly the trailer I was hoping for. It is the perfect encapsulation of the entire Sonic franchise.

      The only thing it's missing is Shadow the Hedgehog running around shooting everything and swearing his head off.

        If Shadow and Knuckle were in it the Edgelord factor would surpass the limit that's safe for human consumption. You would need to drip feed that shit in one sequel per moody sidekick/frenemy @ a time ** -Tails standing patiently in line, giving the stinkeye in outr direction...** and my gut tells me that ain't happening. Unless they've done the decidedly un-hollywood thing and NOT put all the good bits in the trailer. Lol, I just rewatched it and I hope for their sake that what I just said is the case!

          *Knuckles. Holy effing heck I hate autocorrect so much. And my phone is so shite I can't find its menu!

          TL/DR: Furries, phones, fuckups etc...

    It looks fun. not necessarily good, but fun.
    Jim Carrey is going to make this movie.

    Its looks awful and amazing at the same time.

    Things like this help ease the frustration of knowing that humanity is headed for extinction in the next generation or two.

    Looking at this trailer, it looks like it's going to be an awesome origin story... For Dr. Robotnik.

    I'm not going to lie to you people the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer is terrible.
    I mean I've seen the trailer where Sonic rings instead of stars are formed around the Paramount logo.
    And Jim Carrey as Dr.Eggman get a life people Dr.Eggman should have a fat body not a skinny body like in the trailer.
    I'm not going to say this again people Sonic The Hedgehog as a live-action movie is utterly garbage and the trailer uploaded to YouTube by Paramount and SEGA is awful.
    I'm sorry people we are not buying into Paramount and SEGA's live-action trailer in fact millions of people on YouTube are disliking the trailer.
    And by the way get excited for Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for Nintendo Switch instead.
    I'm not buying into this trailer that Paramount and SEGA have worked on and I'm not going to see it when it opens in cinemas later this year in November.
    No bloody way!

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