Overcooked And Edith Finch Are May’s PlayStation Plus Games

Overcooked And Edith Finch Are May’s PlayStation Plus Games

May’s PlayStation Plus games are here, and even though it still feels weird that there’s only two of them, they’re not bad. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active PlayStation Plus account.

May’s PlayStation Plus games are:

  • What Remains of Edith

  • Overcooked


  • Already got both of these, but they’re both bloody fantastic. Overcooked is one of the great local multiplayer games, and Edith Finch was my GOTY of 2017.

    However, while they’re both great games, it does seem pretty stingy in terms of the dollar value of this month’s offering compared to some other months.

    • I’ve been refraining from buying Edith Finch for a long time now, as it’s been on my wish list on PSN and has been on sale a few times. Patience rewarded!

      I agree about Overcooked by the way. Great fun (and frustrating) with kids, too!

  • For a “walking simulator”, What remains of Edith Finch is an amazing game. If it’s on the cheap, anyone with even the slightest curiosity owes it to themselves to try. Takes a few hours to finish but a yay or nay determination can be made easily in the first hour, so those with doubts can try it on Steam and refund before the two hour mark if they don’t like it.

  • It’s a solid MEH month for both PS Plus and GWG.

    I know these are ‘free’ with your subscription and really we are paying for online play/cloud saves, but I was hoping that when they dropped the PS3 and Vita support we would start seeing really great titles month to month, or at least 1 tentpole title and another indie or something smaller.

    Us old jaded PS plus subscribers remember the days of PS3 when you’d get Batman Arkham City & Limbo in 1 month or Hitman Absolution & Catherine, or AC3 with the Jak & Daxter trilogy and now we get.. this..

    I realise it’s because Sony was behind last gen and now they’re in front can do what they wan, but that mentality is how your biggest fans lose faith and jump ship.

  • I think this may just be the year I stop getting PSPlus. My main concerns are what games I’ll need to buy because I got them free and the reduced cloud save space. Definitely haven’t gotten my money’s worth these days though.

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