Plants Vs Zombies Is Ten Years Old, So Here’s A Look At Where It All Began

Plants Vs Zombies Is Ten Years Old, So Here’s A Look At Where It All Began

One of the main reasons I run Fine Art every night is that I’m fascinated by the earliest origins of the characters and worlds that we love. And it doesn’t get much earlier than these sketches laying down the foundations of classic tower defence game Plants vs Zombies.

To celebrate the series’ tenth birthday, creator George Fan has been sharing some early notes on Twitter, including this sketch that basically lays down the entire design and layout of the game in a way that’s instantly recognisable to anyone who’s seen the polished, final product.

It’s crazy how that rough doodle ends up being so close to the final design:

In addition to the sketch Fan has also been sharing design notes alongside them, like the game’s Magic: The Gathering inspiration:

George is going to be sharing more PvZ notes from the archives through the week on Twitter, so stay tuned if you want to read up on more stuff like this.


  • I loved Plants vs Zombies, and the end credit song was such a treat.

    I really wish PVZ2 was a normal, pay up front, game of the same quality as PVZ1 🙁

  • Wow actually reinstalled and played through a bunch of levels on the original a few nights ago. Has me itching to jump into some Garden Warfare too which is loads of fun with some friends.

  • I remember downloading a pirated copy after they confirmed the removing of the MJ zombie… I wonder if I still have it on a HDD

    Great game, shame PVZ2 is just so so

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