PUBG Removed From China, Replaced With Hilarious Clone

Having tried for months to get approval to release (and more importantly, monetise) PUBG in China, publisher Tencent has had enough and pulled the game, replacing it with something that looks very similar.

As Reuters reports, the new game is called Game For Peace, which “pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard our country’s airspace”, aka the Chinese Air Force. If you were expecting a solemn homage to the country’s military, though, you are in for a surprise.

Here’s what Game For Peace looks like in action:

That...certainly looks familiar. And I hope you stuck around long enough to notice the “paintball” effects when shooting, and that opponents don’t die, they just wave gently at you before fading out.

Game For Peace is so similar to PUBG, in fact, that players noticed after the change that they retained the same level they’d previously held, and some even “found themselves at a place in the game that strongly resembled the place they left off in PUBG, complete with PUBG gaming history.”

Despite this, Tencent claims the game was developed in-house, and that “they are very different genres of games”.

The big difference from the publishing side of things is that Game For Peace, unlike PUBG, has “regulatory approval to generate revenue”.


    So they reskinned PUBG to get past the new laws?

    Ok with some quick research, yes, yes it is.
    When PUBG got refused in 2017 they were given guidelines to meet for approval and this was the result.
    It's what you get when you update PUBG, hence why level and position is saved.

    Hoo boy, as fun as paintball is, games about paintball tend to be boring as all hell.

    I wish they would remove the loot boxes from PUBG Mobile. It’s a complete waste of money with ridiculous odds. Hopefully the recently introduced subscription service will replace it in time.

    This is truly the future of video games.

    Definitely should have done more to troll the equally moronic as they are evil Chinese government. Like all players being mannequins instead of people, and the all the sounds being made by someone doing the effects with their mouth 'pew pew pew' style.

      The compromise is already bad enough without antagonising the Chinese people themselves.

    Regulatory approval to generate income? My favourite genre of game! So happy they made the change from boring old PUBG!

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