Rage 2 Drops Denuvo DRM In Record Time

Denuvo is anti-piracy tech that was once seen as uncrackable, but is now viewed as more of a nuisance than anything. While tests have proven inconclusive, some believe it has a notable impact on games’ performance. It’s also the de facto DRM software of our time, and nobody, except big business, likes DRM.

When Rage 2 players discovered it was tagging along for the ride in the post-apocalyptic shooter’s Steam version, they were not pleased.

They didn’t have to wait long for a solution. Rage 2's latest Steam patch touts that it “removes Denuvo DRM” because its developers “saw a few requests” — emphasis theirs. Rage 2 came out on May 14, meaning that player complaints got it stripped of Denuvo mere days after release.

It’s not uncommon for developers to remove Denuvo from their games, but usually that only happens months down the line, after the copy protection software has served its purpose in the boom period immediately following release.

In this case, however, publisher Bethesda and developers id Software and Avalanche were dealing with a few factors that really threw a wrench in the works.

For one, there was all the passionate fan response to Denuvo’s presence in the game, which took on an even more aggrieved tone than usual due to the fact that the DRM wasn’t present in the game’s Bethesda Launcher version. This led to the usual slew of negative Steam reviews, forum posts and other complaints.

On top of that, Rage 2 was cracked within less than 24 hours of its release, seemingly because of the aforementioned lack of Denuvo in its Bethesda Launcher version. Given that Denuvo’s stated goal is to “protect initial sales” from piracy, there was likely no real reason for Bethesda, id and Avalanche to keep it around any more.

So now, at the very least, Rage 2 has a lack of Denuvo going for it. Unfortunately, while I’m enjoying the pimple-popping goodness of the game’s shooting, it seems as though a lot of people — including Kotaku’s Gita Jackson — are finding that it quickly wears out its welcome. I suppose in that regard, the Denuvo-flavoured apple didn’t fall very far from the tree. 


    Can someone explain to me why people freak out about DRM?

      There's a number of reasons but basically the main ones are:
      DRM tends to have a directly negative effect on both the game and the computer by using up resources.
      That it doesn't actually stop piracy, just slows the process for short time or not at all, making it more hassle than it's worth.
      That at its core it infringes on the rights of the user, be it those we have or those we have lost.

      It punishes Legitimate consumers and not Pirates.

      Its has been demonstrated that aggressive DRM like Deneuvo is a hog on system resources and leads to decreases in performance in game.

      And Because CD Project red doesn't use it and Witcher 3 is one of the highest selling games of all time on PC.

    Denuvo performance tests have conclusively proven it hinders performance. No idea why you would say tests were inconclusive......

      Because results have varied between different testers and games, making it inconclusive.

      I'm with you, if its shown the potential to hinder performance then that's exactly what it does but gotta accept than in some cases it also hasn't, showing there to be a ton of variables at play for this sorta thing.

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