No dice on the previous scribble, so here’s a new clue!

The original hint:

It’s not Heroes of Might and Magic, just so you know. And it’s a game that definitely needs a remaster. Good luck!


  • Heroes of Might and Magic three!

    Also Alex why is the ankh 3d except for the loop and the sticky-outy bit

  • Is that the Ankh from Spelunky? I think I’m miles off with this guess though!

  • Question: did you loose a dimension half way through drawing it or is this a direct copy?

  • Would be nice if we ever saw a new Ultima or Might and Magic game, but highly unlikely to ever happen. And due to the problems that were actually caused by the last of the games, it may be better if they are never attempted again.

    • I loved a lot of what they did in Ultima Online, it was just a shame it aged so quickly after 3D MMO’s took off a year later. Cant go back to it now. The isometric view is classic Ultima though, so not sure it should be updated. Having said that, putting Fallout and GTA into a first person perspective didnt hurt them.

      But the open nature of the classes was something I really liked at the time, and really something I’ve only seen in a few MMO’s to that degree.

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