There really was nothing quite like a devil twerking in your face. Wacky Wheels was yesterday's game, as spotted first by Luke.

Now, let's see how you go with today's game.

Good luck! And if you're wondering why the perspective is a bit off, I swear that's from the photo. I couldn't get it to not look weird. Sorry.


    That’s Deirdre Skye from Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri!

      That it is. Always loved playing as Deirdre, or the Morgan Freeman market forces faction.

    Yay... finally one i recognised that wasn't already guessed.

    To be honest, i never played Wacky Wheels as a kid, i never knew it existed until i bought the Apogee Anthology pack, however i did play Skunny Kart which was a ripoff of a ripoff.

    I'm not saying anything about the quality of the picture but for a moment I thought Alex was trolling us by putting hair on a meme face. ^_-

      It's hardly the worst picture I've put up for a scribble, and that's not a high bar!

      That said, ones next week should be a little higher quality. Tracing helps.

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