MisterDrake knows their knives. Yesterday's game was from Cooking Mama, or one of the mini-games from Cooking Mama. Today's game should be a fraction tougher. Let's see how you go.

Good luck!


    Any SSI Gold Box game (decoder ring).
    Hillsfar, Pool of Radiance Curse of the Azure Bonds or Secret of the Silver Blades

      Usually it's one guess at a time, but all of these are wide of the mark, so carry on!

      (Good ideas for future scribbles though, haven't done an SSI game in aggggggggges)

        I would have sworn it was Pool of Radiance, but then again this old timer does ramble on...

    Looks like a Stargate but looks more like runes I will guess....

    God of War?


    Thought God of War at first but then I remembered that Norse runes are quite straight.

    I'm thinking Doom 2016?
    It had similar looking symbols.

    The Witness

    Pretty sure that's 'Shadow of the Colossus'. One of the circle ruins in the desert.

    Pony Island!

    Fatal Frame/Project Zero, probably 2, Camera Lens?!

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