It finally took Apoxy to nail yesterday's game. It was Fatal Frame, although I don't blame people for all the Stargate puns and references.

Now, how will you go with today's game?

Good luck!


    Argh! That was my first thought but then I figured that the glyphs looked more like runes, rather than the japanese characters. (Kept trying to look for the Rei(Zero) kanji symbol)
    I am so annoyed with myself.
    this one? No idea.

    This is Walker we're talkin' bout here people!

    This has the air of a Might and Magic game... can't quite place it.

      Devils and Demons in HOMM had that ratty hair and the wifebeater situation. HOMM, this ain't.

        Warriors of Might and Magic, than

    Wild guess - Gargoyles on the genesis?

      Definitely looks like Gargoyles, specifically Goliath... but not sure about the eyes.

    Reminds me of Fantasia so I'll go with Kingdom Hearts.

    I'm going to say "Demon's Crest".

    Not because it's necessarily correct, but any chance to remind people that Red Arremer exists is worth taking.

    Hi @alexwalker
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