guess the video game

If you guessed Castlevania for the last ScribbleTaku, you were halfway there. If you guessed Castlevania: Dracula X like deku-tri—or Vampire's Kiss—then you were right on the money. Yes: Drac has horns, but I had left them out just to see if I could throw people a little.

Anyway, time for a new game.

I'm away from home and the iPad, so back to simpler pen-based drawings now. Good luck!


    Is that the tram pass from Hollow Knight?

    EDIT: whoops, gave it a Google and it sure isn't.

    Last edited 28/05/19 2:26 pm

    Ocarina of Time meets Fantasy Football?

    Nah I got nothing.

    I can't tell what I'm looking at...

    … a sprite from Mario Paint?

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