Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Delayed To 2020 To Fix Sonic’s Look

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Delayed To 2020 To Fix Sonic’s Look

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been delayed from November 2019 to 14 February 2020 in the US in order to tweak the design of the CG Sonic character, according to a tweet from director Jeff Fowler.

Fans were unhappy with Sonic’s design in the movie’s trailer released in April, which prompted Fowler to respond earlier this month. “The message is loud and clear,” he said at the time. “You aren’t happy with the design & you want changes. It’s going to happen. Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be.”

Changing the design, however, means more work from VFX artists and post-production personnel. Without a new release date, concerns about crunch were inevitable, hence Fowler’s hashtag “#novfxartistswereharmedinthemakingofthismovie”. It’s a bit glib, but it’s good to know they share the concern.

According to Fowler, the redesign work will push the movie back three months to February 14 in the US, just in time for the romantic holiday Sonic was made for.


  • Wonder if this sets them up for more pain in that they re do sonic but people still wont be happy or happy with the redesign but movie sucks.

  • Wow, I honestly expected them to just rush whatever changes they could do with the time limit they had but this is great to hear. Huge risk from the team, really curious to see what they come up with now.

    • This sort of thing isnt uncommon with movies, its normally just not so bluntly obvious. A redo of CGI, or editing to change things happens all the times – just look at all the tricks Marvel has played with Hulk, etc in trailers over the past couple of years.

      Different example would be Alita’s eyes. They put a lot of people off, so they were changed for the movie. It wouldnt have been as big a change as this is, so would have been faster, but it was almost as significant to fans of the source material.

      But they do take these things seriously. To me, this is a sign they are trying to get it right, and just dropped the ball in the first place with trying to make it that little more realistic than it should have been. Especially when put alongside Detective Pikachu, which went out of its way to stay close to the source material.

  • That looks like a Sonic glove holding that sign. Please let this be a hint that they’re giving the new design his signature gloves.

    • When you click to expand that image, it’s definitely Sonic’s arm with a glove. Interestingly (?) Sonic’s arm is traditionally the same colour as his stomach and cheeks, so with this arm being blue in this image like the movie version of Sonic, maybe this is actually a hint?

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