Sony Is Taunting Everyone With A Death Stranding Stream

Right now, the official PlayStation account is livestreaming a loop of Death Stranding—except the whole screen is almost entirely shrouded in black, leaving only segments of what looks like gameplay beneath.

It's a pretty masterful troll. There's some things that can be gleaned throughout: audio cues, text on bits of clothing an armour, different environments, but it's hard to piece any of it together given how much of the scene is obscured.

Image: Twitch (PlayStation)

You can tune into the stream below, if you want to have some moody background music for work/uni/school. Users have clipped a few seconds of what sounds like a man's voice; in another, a robotic female voice comes through.

The official reveal is scheduled for tomorrow. Undoubtedly, fans will go back to the looping footage of the stream to contrast and compare. Whether there's anything fresh or relevant, we're getting more Death Stranding footage in the next 24 hours. Will we get an explanation for what happens with the baby?

Knowing Kojima, probably not. Not yet, anyway.


    ACCC is taunting Sony with a suing over lies about consumer law in australia.

      I'm on that one! Just trying to get statements from parties involved.

        "Thanks for contacting PlayStation Australia, all our operators are busy hiding under their desks right now but your call is important to us so leave your details and we will call you back once this all blows over"

        Good stuff. Now get on the Steam store dropping the link to australia consumer law and the ACCC descision on both their client and the web portal. :)

    Sooo... is there a particular time this is happening or just tomorrow "sometime"?

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