Spanish Football League Chooses Uniforms Just Like FIFA Does

Spanish Football League Chooses Uniforms Just Like FIFA Does

You pick your teams, you settle in with your mates to play a few games of FIFA, and in the middle of it all, everyone gets a chance to choose which uniform the sides will wear in the game. It’s a very video game way of doing things, and it’s now how Spain’s top two football divisions — home to the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid — are doing things in real life.

This little video made by Spanish newspaper El País shows that before every game that’s played in the Liga de Fútbol Profesional, officials sit down, look at each team’s various kit options and work out the best way for both sides and the referee to get on the field without causing any confusion.

That’s always happened, of course, but it’s done today via an electronic kit selector that looks exactly like something you’d flick through in FIFA.

It’s all in Spanish, with no English subs, but you can easily get the gist:

The popularity of games like FIFA and PES has had a massive effect on football fan culture, but it’s wild seeing its influence spread to obscure and weird little areas of the game like this.