Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Looks Great In HD

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Looks Great In HD

A team of fans have been working for over a year on an Unreal Engine 4 version of the original Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and it is looking absolutely delicious.

First released in 1998 on PC and N64, later games in the series—developed for the GameCube—looked a lot nicer, but the original suffered from low-res textures and an absurdly close-range draw distance fog, even on Windows machines.

So it’s great to see it looking more modern here, and once again has me wondering why it is that EA is so obsessed with only developing AAA blockbuster Star Wars games, when surely there’s a world of fun/money to be had also working on (or at least just publishing) smaller projects like remasters and shorter/simpler/cheaper games.

You can follow Rogue Squadron’s progress here.


  • The same Rogue squadron that was released and people said “it’s pretty but janky and bad?”

    • I don’t even think people said it was janky. Most of the reviews were how smooth and well it played and the graphics were either N64 = amazing with expansion card or PC = pretty good

  • EA needs to keep their greedy paws off my Star Wars games! I really want a Rogue Squadron but without that EA seal on the cover.

  • I mean, Tie Fighter and X-Wing would both do well with a coat of new paint and pushed out onto PCs and consoles.

    • A (good) full scale Star Wars space combat game in the X-Wing / Tie Fighter mould would probably be enough to convince me to buy a VR headset,if they chose to make it.

      • I mean, VR was made for that kind of shit, right? You’re not expected to move around. Just sit in your seat and go for it.

      • I would be happy just to play Rogue Leader in DolphinVR. Though I’ve been too stupid and lazy to even get around to trying F-Zero or Metroid Prime at all in the last ~5 years.

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