Surprise, Void Bastards Is Launching In Two Weeks

Surprise, Void Bastards Is Launching In Two Weeks
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Remember that cel-shaded shooter that looked like a sci-fi Duke Nukem fan game? Well, it’s coming out way sooner than you might have expected.

Via the fun form of a Humble Store announcement trailer – not Epic Games Store this time – Void Bastards is coming out on May 29. Inspired by System Shock 2 and BioShock, and developed by former Irrational Games alumni who went on to make Card Hunter, the game blends a ’90s style shooter and a resource management-esque mission planner. Every time the player dies, they reroll a new character with different traits and abilities.

A fun fact: Blue Manchu, lead developers on the game, are based in Australia. They moved to a Sydney office in 2012, although they’ve since moved back to Canberra. Iron Helmet Games, which developed the ruthless Neptune’s Pride browser-based strategy games and is also based in the ACT, have been helping development as well.

Void Bastards Is A Shooter That Looks Cool As Hell

Out this winter, Void Bastards promises to wrap the pulp comic aesthetic up into an intergalactic strategy shooter.

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There’s no word on pricing, but Void Bastards will launch on PC and Xbox when it drops. For PC fans, it’s available through Steam and the usual third-party retailers.


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