Switch Outsells PS4 In Japan Despite Launching Three Years Later

Switch Outsells PS4 In Japan Despite Launching Three Years Later
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In just over two years, the Nintendo Switch has sold 8,125,637 units in Japan, according to the latest sales figures reported by Famitsu. That puts it above the current lifetime total of 8,077,756‬ for the PS4.

That’s especially notable given how much longer the PS4 has been around. The latest PlayStation launched on February 22, 2014 in Japan, just over 36 months prior to the Switch, which came out on March 3, 2017 worldwide. While the Switch’s worldwide sales of 34.7 million still lag far behind the PS4, which has sold north of 90 million, it’s impressive what Nintendo’s console has accomplished in such a short time frame. It also speaks to the evolution of video games in Japan, where mobile and portable gaming have completely dominated consoles over the past few years.


  • Oh the PS4 fanboys won’t like this. They love crowing on about how crap Nintendo is and how their console is the king.

    Note – I own both. But I do find it amusing to see people putting down another system saying theirs is better etc etc etc.

    Second Note – Xbox One sucks ;P

  • Well considering Japanese people buy more handheld gaming devices compared to the rest of the world, and game releases on the the Switch are much more exciting than on the 3DS or the PS Vita. And granted the switch has been available for a few years, it means that there’s a bigger gaming catalogue now so people would be eager to adopt a new console that suits them now

  • Not at all surprised, Nintendo basically combined two markets and has solid rep on home soil.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if most households had multiple units because of how serious they are about handhelds.

  • being a console and a handheld hybrid is very appalling. and the games are solid. even western 3rd parties are supporting it.

    • I like it as a premium handheld, but the only time my Switch see’s a TV is for Mario Party, for everything else it sucks balls.

      • I honestly think BOTW looks better on my 65″ 4K TV than Horizon Zero Dawn on my PS4 Pro.
        RDR2 on my XB1X gives it a run for is money… but I still find myself gawking more often in BOTW.

        It loses a lot of its grandeur in HH mode.

        • BOTW is cel shaded though, so not really comparable. The Switch also doesn’t push 4K pixels, so it would be upscaled by your TV. I get that the art style of BOTW is very appealing though, depending on your taste.

          • Yeah, I totally understand that. It’s just a case of art style / direction trumping all else.

            Kind of like how WoW classic still looks good to this day.

  • I’m no market analyst but I’d say that part of it is the appeal of a handheld/console hybrid and national pride and a larger part is that the Switch launched after PS4 had been out for several years and there were no alternative competitors in sight.

    Basically it launched when everyone would notice it and have some disposable cash saved up for a new console.

    • 1. No longer split console/handheld markets;
      2. No handheld competitor from Playstation;
      3. Compelling 1st party software;
      4. Middling 3rd party support (but way better than 3DS or Wii U);
      5. Gets all the Otaku-targeted games/VNs that the Vita once had (Japan has lots of Otaku – over 37% of people aged 10-49, according to one 2014 survey)

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