Get $850 Off That Monster Alienware 34-Inch G-Sync Monitor

Get $850 Off That Monster Alienware 34-Inch G-Sync Monitor
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Last year, I had the joy of mucking around with Alienware’s excellent 34-inch ultrawide G-Sync monitor. If you wanted one of those at the time, you would have had to fork out $2100. Now, you only have to pay just over $1200.

The AW3418DW, which you can see my impressions of below when I played with it last year, is a bit of a beast. JB Hi-Fi are still charging $2200 for the curved 34-inch screen, which comes with G-Sync, 120Hz refresh rate and a maximum res of 3440×1440.

Alienware's 34

The last time I had a couple of grand spare, it was tax time and I badly needed a new laptop. I do not have $2100 to blow on tech right now. But if I did, and given the fact that I'm only rocking two tiny 23

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But it’s Click Frenzy week, so naturally Dell’s offering discounts on their Alienware line. For the AW3418DW, Dell’s offering a 40 percent cut via the FRENZY40 checkout code, bringing the price down from $2148 to $1289.39.

Other monitors are going for cheap as well: there’s the 25-inch 2518H with G-Sync support, 1ms response time and a 240Hz refresh rate, down from $1019 to $713.30. It’s basically the same price as the FreeSync version. (The FreeSync model is also G-Sync compatible with recent Nvidia drivers, although you might as well just buy the G-Sync model if its cheaper.)

For a look at all of the discounts on Dell and Alienware monitors, including 27 percent discounts on the Ultrasharp screens, head here.


  • May be a tax time purchase, but I kinda also want to get a back to shoulder tat. Life is full of hard choices.

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