The Empire Had A Cocktail Party, No Rebels Allowed

The Empire Had A Cocktail Party, No Rebels Allowed

In cosplay circles, just as in cinematic ones, it can sometimes feel like the Rebels have all the fun. So at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, the Empire decided to have a party of their own, really let their (regulation-length) hair down.

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Earlier this month, Chicago played host to Star Wars Celebration 2019, the biggest convention/party for Star Wars fans on the planet. And where there are loads of Star Wars fans, there’s some A+ cosplay.

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The event was called Cocktails Over Coruscant, and was actually the third time it’s been held at SWC; it’s just the first time we’ve been able to cover it, thanks to Mineralblu’s attendance.

I’m disappointed in the lack of Black TIE jokes, but aside from that it’s all excellent. I especially love how nearly every single one of them is able to pull the exact same “yes Lord Vader” facial expression. Even when they’re tucking into an ice cream.


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