The Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Re-Emerges

After a long period of development hell, the Final Fantasy VII remake is finally back in the real world, with Square Enix dropping a short teaser trailer today and promising more to come in June. It looks great.

First announced at E3 2015, the Final Fantasy VII remake went through some mysterious problems, with Square Enix taking it away from third-party studio CyberConnect2 in 2017 and moving development in-house. Now, it’s finally back on our radar, action-RPG combat and all. 

Previously, Square had said that the Final Fantasy VII remake would be episodic, and based on this trailer—which is almost entirely made up scenes during the game’s first act, in Midgar—that may still be the case. It essentially looks like a new game, more of a reimagining than a remake, complete with brand new character abilities and some unfamiliar abilities. Hopefully it’ll be out by 2025.


    Let the "Aeris or Aerith?" debate begin,... again!

    (Its Aerith BTW, a sorta anagram of Earth).

      She'll always be Aeris to me cause that's what the original English translation was. Aerith sounds like you're saying her name with a lisp.

        Exactly, it's just a matter of exposure.
        We accept that Aeris was a translation error but the impact the game and characters had only served to solidify that and no amount of games since have or will dislodge that, even with audio of her name it doesn't even register for most.

        So if we can accept a bunch of noob proxy fans wanna call her something stupid, they need to accept that we will stick with the superior and original name.
        Lol, I'm teasing but if you love the world of FFVII you really do need to accept that this oddity exists in the first place, it's part of the legacy now.

      Counter point: this

        THANK YOU.

        Previously I was only able to support my argument with, "Fuck you, my headcanon trumps reality, so nyeah."

        This is much better.

        My stance is 'Before the english localisation happened, I bought a japanese import poster and it had Aerith written on it in english. QED.'

        That said they'll probably unfortunately not allow people to rename her to their headcannon (kaboom) version.

          I read today that it's spelt aerith, pronounced aeris, but I don't know how true that is

            It's true, the Japanese pronounciation of Aerith is closer to the English pronounciation of Aeris.
            The TH sound isn't common to the language and often gets pronounced as SA and in the case of Aeris the A is softened to the point of being nearly silent.

              oh, like how "desu" is pronounced "dess" or "itadakimasu" ends up as " "itadakimass"?
              ya learn something new every day

      I heard she survives in the Remake!

      Last edited 10/05/19 2:20 pm

        DUDE! SPOILERS!!!!!!

      It's Iris. The Japanese just transliterated it. 'A-E-Ri-Su'. Think about it.

    I don't know. People are cynical about these kinds of remakes, but we've been doing them forever in cinema and theatre.

    We should be retelling our best stories and FF7 is widely considered one of the best final fantasy games ever made.

    What is more interesting is the massive changes to gameplay systems. I hope that doesn't result in losing what made the game popular in the first place.

    It seems they've completely done away with the turn based combat. There's also no sign of how summons or boss fights will work in this new iteration of the game. Not to mention, there's a whole generation of people running around now who've most likely never even played the original, so they can't count on nostalgia to sell them.

    It's going to be an interesting experiment, that's for sure.

      Yep, ditching the classic turn-based ATB combat system has pretty much killed off whatever interest I had in this.

        I say good riddance to turn based combat, it's a relic of the 90s.

        Also just because turn based combat appears to be gone doesn't mean stuff like summons are gone.

          i just hope to god they dont do summons like they did in 15 all those conditions for summoning sucked barely used em

          Er, I think you mean 80's since that's when the original Final Fantasy released. I also think you mean it's a relic of millenia ago since turn based "combat" games like Go and Chess have been out for quite some time.

          But then you're also saying that games like XCOM, Hearthstone, Magic, tabletop wargames, Wargroove, Fire Emblem, many Gacha RPG games and a ton of other popular games with IGOUGO progression shouldn't be as popular as they are.

            Tabletop stuff and card games and even pen and paper RPGs which make up the majority of your examples are a different story. But video game RPGs? I think turn based stuff should have been left in the past. I don't mind if the game uses some kind of hybrid system or is more of a tactical RPG, but pure turn based stuff in a big turnoff for me.

            Yes FF started in the 80s but the technology to really remove the turn based elements didn't emerge until the 90s really. That's when turn based battle systems in video game RPGs should have been left behind imo.

        as someone who played through this again recently. the battle system is very dated, basic, and certainly the weakest part of the game.

          The battle system is fine. The controls and fixed camera when trying to navigate around the place are a much bigger problem. Along with the lack of any kind of quest log or waypoint marker or any other way to indicate where you are supposed to be going or what you are supposed to be doing, which is a major issue if you leave it for a while and come back to it and try to pick up where you left off.

      I personally have nothing against the change in combat system.. a well implemented one would be an interesting change to the formula..

      What completely turned me off however is the decision to split the game. The game wax a great long epic for its time and putting arbitrary cuts to split it up so they can resell it multiple times smacks of greed... and any sense of excitement quickly tapers off the longer it takes for the "next" chapter to be released..

      Exactly, we honestly need more good remakes. There are so many brilliant games people just won't experience now because they're too old, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than creating a new one, with a built in fanbase.

    No faith after FF15 but I still hope this turns out good. Pretty sure all those characters shown here are in the original too.

    We shall see in 10-15 years.

    I'm still trying to work out whether the combat is real time or pseudo real time where you can spend up to a certain amount of action points per turn on abilities but have freedom to choose how you spend them. The trailer gives the impression of there being a notion of turns since Barrett and Cloud looked like they were attacking from a fixed position.

    I'm really keen to see more. It's looking like it's going to be a well handled remake... so far. The episodic part concerns me though, I thought it would be like FFXIII in that each "episode" would be a full fledged story but so far we've only seen what happens in the first 10 or so minutes of the first disc. If Sephiroth is there though then hopefully it covers everything up to leaving Midgar.

      It looks a lot like kingdom hearts to me.

    I never gave a crap about the Aerith scene in the original (I always liked Tifa way better) but it will be a lot harder in this version, I think. She looks so nice! It was a lot harder to care about that crude mess of polygons.

      yeah her death in HD, with voice acting, and many many many more pixels...and that god damn classical piece of music - Maybe I'll just rip my heart out now. Save me the trouble later...

        But will they add blood?

        Tinfoil hat time!

        The reason we didn't see Tifa in the trailer is because Squeenix is still negotiating with Sony US on what they'd allow her design to be.

    Oh wow. I mean I still feel like it's never gonna happen (they're still only showing first 1/3 of Disc One biz), and I'm assuming we're looking at PS5 now, but it exceeded my expectations. Hopefully the combat includes some framework from the original (it was part of the fun after all), but I'm kinda okay with passive damage happening in amongst the commands.

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