The Internet Reacts To Pokémon Sleep

The Internet Reacts To Pokémon Sleep
Screenshot: <a href="">The Pokémon Company</a>

At a press conference in Tokyo Tuesday, the Pokémon Company announced some unexpected Pokémon-related games and services, mostly on mobile devices. Pokémon Home is a cloud service that allows players to save and transfer their monsters. Great!

There’s also a new Pokémon Go peripheral called the Pokémon Go Plus+. It is pronounced “plus plus.” Sure! These releases are a little perplexing, but the one I found most baffling was Pokémon Sleep.

New Pokemon Games, Hardware & Services Announced

At a press conference in Tokyo today, The Pokemon Company has taken to the stage and showed off a range of new games, services and hardware that are coming over the next year or so.

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Pokémon Sleep is described as a game that “aims to turn sleeping into entertainment by having a player’s time spent sleeping, and the time they wake up, effect the gameplay.” Sounds a little dystopian, but go off, Pokémon Company! It’s essentially a sleep tracker that connects to Pokémon Go and the Pokémon Go Plus+, and the three combined do something unclear but probably beneficial for your Pokémon. It’s slated to come to mobile in 2020. I already use a sleep tracker because I sleep like shit, so sure, why not make it Pokémon themed?

Luckily for my sleep-deprived arse, the internet clowned on this vague, strange-sounding game almost immediately.

As much as I love these jokes, I’m not sure I need my absurdly powerful Pocket Monsters to know when I’m sleeping. I’m gonna go grab my third cup of coffee and stare into the middle distance for a while.


  • Does anyone know whether your sleep data will be sent to the servers?

    I’m guessing it must be so that it can be used to give you rewards or whatever?

  • Ok, the System of a Down one got me.

    On another note, watching the shift and escalation towards big data in gaming is a real downer.

  • I’m gonna be the very best
    Like no one else before
    A night’s rest is my real test
    Eight hours without a snore

    Pokemon! Gotta count ‘em all
    Like counting sheep
    Sleeping is my destiny

    Etc etc

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