The Internet Reacts To Whatever That Death Stranding Trailer Was

The Internet Reacts To Whatever That Death Stranding Trailer Was

We now know when the highly anticipated Death Stranding comes out and what it’s about (kind of), which ends some of the mystery around this absurd and fascinating-looking game. But not all of the mystery has been unravelled yet, so we can all still make jokes about it.

After Kojima left Konami in 2015, people wondered what he’d do next. The answer, we all soon learned, was Death Stranding. Until now, most of the trailers left us with more questions than answers. Now we know: it comes out on November 8th of this year, somehow, and it’s about a nation divided by… something, that main character Samuel Bridges (played by Norman Reedus) is trying to bridge.

Also, the enemies are called Homo Demons (representation is so important). Yesterday’s trailer shows off more gameplay and way more details about the plot, although the whole thing remains enigmatic and kinda bonkers.

The internet never saw anything enigmatic and kinda bonkers that couldn’t be joked about. The jokes started immediately, and I hope they do not stop before November.

I’m along for the ride on Death Stranding. It will probably make me groan as much as it truly amazes me, but I can’t help but respect a project that is so openly horny for Mads Mikkelsen, and which also has a character named “Die-Hardman.” It’s like Kojima reached into my brain and made the game I was dreaming of.


  • I think it’s. like, Kevin Costners’ The Postman… the video game of the movie.
    But, if the movie had been directed by David Lynch.

    • Or do you mean “The Postman”… the video game adaptation of the movie adaptation of the book, if the movie had been directed by David Lynch.

      The book was pretty good.

  • It’s obvious that Kojima has been trolling us and has been making the next Megaman game for Capcom all along. I mean, it should have been obvious to anyone that saw Deadman, Heartman and Die-Hardman were in it.

  • It’s all an analogy on current American culture.
    Death strands, from the trailer, seem to represent peoples inability to let go of the past, aka. America’s obsession and glorification of its history. Which is probably why to scape Hades you have to fight through WW1/2 scenes.
    You’ve got all states in the US now separated by giant walls, aka the huge political divide and othering between states.
    And the whole purpose seems to be to deliver that baby somewhere in order to reunify the country.
    “You’re president of jack shit!” = There are no “united” states to preside over.


  • Thought the whole game was going to be a walking simulator. Now there’s motorcycles? thoroughly disappointed.

    Also. There goes my dreams for a Lost Odyssey X Star Ocean:TtEoT X Stranger Things X Days Of Our Lives Crossover. Oh wait.

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