The John Wick Game Looks Great

John Wick is already a perfect video game protagonist - beard, shoots a lot of shit, cool as fuck - so it's only appropriate that he's getting a spin-off title from the maker of Thomas Was Alone and Subsurface Circular.

Called John Wick Hex, the game is a turn-based tactics game that's described as "fight-choreographed chess". It'll be released simultaneously on PC/Mac and console, although the former version will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store "at launch".

Players will have to manage their ammo, health, amount of focus and current stance, with turns playing out via a time-based system. You can see how it all works below.

We'll hear more about John Wick Hex from E3 this year courtesy of publishers Good Shepherd. The game will also have Ian McShane and Lance Reddick for voiceovers "with more to be revealed later". (Keanu Reeves probably hasn't been convinced to come on board yet, in other words.)


    If I was making serious bank, I'd probably find it fun to lend my voice to a game. At most you'll need a few hours to record voice overs.

    That Gif just brought back all of the nostalgia from the OG Flashback game for me!

    Looks interesting, a bit like Frozen Synapse and X-COM had a baby baba yaga.

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